#DecemberFundRAiser – where did the time go?

Apparently it’s #DecemberFundRAiser time again! Seriously, where did November go? Life is busy here and for the second time in about 5 weeks I am felled by a flu! I’ve been testing like crazy the first time around and also this time around, but it doesn’t seem to be Covid, not this time and not last time either. I have a feeling I’m catching up on every form of the flu I missed out on during around 18 months of lockdowns. I’ve had my 4th booster Covid shot and a few weeks ago got a flu shot but alas I still got sick. Ugh. Hope it passes soon. This time around, unlike a few weeks ago, I don’t think I have a fever, so that’s something.

Anyway, with all that’s going on here in my real life and with illness, the time just seems to zoom by and I feel wholly unprepared (mentally that is) for it being December FundRAiser time again. The fact remains, however, that the time has come. All the details for the FundRAiser can be found on Guylty’s page HERE. The auction on Ebay kicks off on Sunday, November 27th.

My contribution to the Ebay auction is this Richard Armitage fan item in a box (to be unveiled on Sunday) accompanied by some sweets (typical Dutch stroopwafels and a few chocolates).

Wishing everyone happy charity auction bidding when the time arrives!

Modified to add tbat Guylty has put up some teasers in a new post HERE.

10 thoughts on “#DecemberFundRAiser – where did the time go?

    1. Oh man, I’m sorry it’s hitting you so hard, despite being vaccinated.
      Here, my midriff hurts a bit from all the coughing but it does seem better today. so hopefully getting there! Tests have remained negative, so it’s not Covid.


  1. Bugger, hope you feel better soon! Unfortunately the flu jab takes a few weeks to kick in but hope you’ll be on the mend soon. We’ve been advised round here to take some extra vit D abd vit K , can take a few months to make a real difference but better late than never 🙂 hope you can get some proper rest
    I haven’t prepared for holidays yet, nit sure where the year went..
    Stroopwaffels … that is more tempting than Rich himself lol 😆 take care and get better soon xx

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    1. Except for this auction I have prepared nothing for Christmas yet either! Yes, this year seems to zooooom by.
      Thanks for the well-wishes, I seem a bit better today so it’s going in the right direction.
      Stroopwafels are always a good idea, I figure. 🙂

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