In sickness and in health

My younger brother and my mother both have Covid. They both have symptoms (mostly coughs and extreme tiredness) but aren’t too sick, so that’s good (yay for vaccinations!), we’re hoping for quick recoveries. I too have been felled by Covid like symptoms but four home tests in the past five days reveal that I don’t seem to have Covid, so I guess it’s just regular flu for me.

My aunt has been dealing with some very rough health issues since this past summer and has now been taken into hospital since yesterday. I’ve been feeling helpless with that, not much I (or my brother and mother) can do while we too are sick. My older brother is away for business, my older sister has just left for Seville for a week long holiday, my two other older brothers live abroad, so it was left to my younger sitster to deal with it all on her own yesterday when everything came to a crisis. I hope light can be found at the end of this long dark tunnel for my aunt. We’re all very worried for her.

In better news, our old cat has been slowly recovering from his little adventure when he went missing. For the past three days he has pretty much only eaten and then crawled into his preferred resting place, the cat carrier, to sleep.

Yesterday I saw a glimmer of his previous energy emerge again, he was walking around a bit more. We have blocked off our back garden, so he can’t wander out of there and today he just sat in our back garden like this for half an hour, looking a little more like his old self:

For now our little old man seems to be here to stay. I hope the rest of my family will also be able to make a slow but steady recovery like that.

11 thoughts on “In sickness and in health

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    1. Thank you! My brother, mother, our cat and I are doing better. My aunt alas is not doing so well but the prospects sound alright in the long run according to the doctors. Fingers crossed.


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