Cats in odd places

This tweet came across my timeline…


… and I could completely relate! Yes, our cats also like to lie on our laptops when we’re using them and they like to lie in other odd places too. An overview:

It’s always a struggle with the laptop and with some luck they finally settle down near us and the laptop. For instance, in the two top pictures on the right I was struggling to keep our black cat off my laptop and she finally settled for sleeping on my shoulder. What these pictures don’t show is that this black cat will slowly, in very small increments, slide down until she is indeed lying half on the keyboard and half on me (pretty much as in the bottom right picture).

Mr E struggles with cats and his iPad and ends up using them as iPad stands.

It’s not only technology they like. It’s bags and suitcases too…

Of course there are also boxes, big or small. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a cat that doesn’t like boxes. Quite a few years ago I figured I’d let the kids decorate a box and have it be our red cat’s bed. He slept in it maybe three or four times and then never again. I guess, when the new box smell is gone, it loses its charm…

… but hey, if there is no box to be had, wrapping paper will do as well!

Modified to add that I shouldn’t forget cats and newspapers!

Cats also like lying on baby bouncer seats that are put to the side and car seats and toy strollers…

They like sleeping in bowls and on trays…

… and they like to ‘help’ with the laundry when I try to fold and use the bed as a sorting station or when Junior tries to load the washing machine, it is absolutely paramount that he be aided by a cat…

They like to find a spot in a cupboard or underneath a bed…

… and I once even found our cat sleeping in the car! We were packing for holidays, if I recall correctly, so the car was open and he figured, “why not?”.

It’s always an adventure with cats! It certainly contributes to why I love them so much. 😻

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