How is it July already?

This means I only have two weeks to finish a ton of work before my summer holiday starts. Eeeek! I got a lot done from home today, then went in to work for two hours at the end of the afternoon because I needed to speak with someone who just started with us this week. Mini me came with me because the library that I needed to be at this afternoon will be the same library she will be using when she starts unversity in september. Afterwards she walked through the city a bit while I finished work and she took this picture…

Quite stunning, right? She says that if university doesn’t work out, she can always try photography.

Anyway, glad the weekend is here because it’s been so super busy. Time for a catch up on chores (blech!) and doing fun stuff, like going to see our national Dutch women’s football team play Finland in a practice match tomorrow (yay!). Here’s to switching off for a bit…

11 thoughts on “How is it July already?

  1. Le meilleur moment est celui qui précède les vacances. Croyez moi, profitez en! 🙂
    Revenue de mes 3 semaines de vacances d’été, (depuis une semaine), la routine pointe le bout de son nez. Entre la reprise des cas de COVID-19, la cohorte de 4ème dose de vaccins pour les plus de 60 ans apeurés, la délivrance d’autotests aux personnes symptomatiques et aux cas contacts qui se baladent sans masque, l’absence de collègues pour causes de COVID et de vacances, les traditionnels bouchons qui accompagnent “Le Mans Classic 2022” (je hais le “commuting” quand il dure plus de 30 kms)… je ne trouve pas le temps d’écrire pour partager mes expériences et les splendides photos qui les accompagnent.
    Mes j’adore mes clients Mais en juin, les journées sont plus longues et les sites touristiques plus accessibles car moins populeux.

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    1. It sounds like life is extremely busy for you after your holiday. Hope work stays manageable.
      Yeah, we will have to be careful on our travels with Covid on the rise again.

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  2. Can’t like anything here, either and this is a .com site. Grrr.

    Time flies when you’re not miserable. I’m having that experience more and more, too (with the small exception that there are some meetings that make me want to … like bite my hands off or something. But it’s not too often).

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    1. Hmm. I had the same problem on another WordPress site but after logging in when commenting and allowing popups from that site, it was all good again.

      Time flies when you’re not miserable is a great point indeed. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying your new job as well!

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