Congrats, Richard!

He has hinted at it but now it’s apparently almost done: Richard Armitage has written a book!

He’ll be going to Switzerland in July, to Geneva I presume, to finish it – I wonder when and for how long? Should he happen to be in Lausanne at the beginning of August, I’ll be there for a day and will be happy to meet him… 😉

Anyway, the Audible page that Richard refers to in his tweet gives a little synopsis of the story…

“Nobel prize winning scientist Sarah Collier heads to an important conference in Geneva with her husband Daniel. But while there being lobbied by corporations for their support she begins to experience confusing contradictions and lapses of memory…
A dark psychological thriller for fans of Before I Go to Sleep and The Woman in the Window, written and performed by Richard Armitage.
©2022 Richard Armitage (P)2022 Audible, Ltd

I am still not one for audiobooks, so I really hope this will appear in print as well. I hope this new Daniel will fare better than the last Daniel Richard was involved with…

The sentence “she begins to experience confusing contradictions and lapses of memory…” makes me think of gaslighting, just as Charles Boyer did with Ingrid Bergman in the 1944 movie Gaslight.

Will this Daniel be the baddie? Or will he be Sarah’s rock? Although I’m not really one for reading psychological thrillers I am curious about this one, due to the sole fact that Richard has written it. For him I will brave this genre. Congratulations Richard on writing and publishing a book!

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