Discreet fangirling

I’ve been working at the university now for three years and apparently that means it’s time for my work laptop to be replaced. My old laptop was a tablet of sorts with detachable keyboard which I hated because if you actually want to use it briefly on your lap, the keyboard detaches too easily and you can’t always prop up the screen properly on uneven surfaces (like on our outside front garden table). As the old laptop still works fine I never had the heart to ask for a different one even though I had been wanting a new one for a while now. Now, without needing to ask, I was offered a new choice. Three years ago they were only starting out with giving out laptops and that tablet-laptop was the only option at the time. This time around I was given a choice between the tablet kind and an actual laptop and I was very happy to be able to pick the actual laptop now.

The new laptop came in on Saturday, I set it up for personal work use today and then studied it for a bit. How, I wondered, was I going to tell my black work laptop apart from other colleagues’ black work laptops if I happen to leave it lying around in an office and then come to pick it up again? I then remembered little Richard Armitage shrine stickers that Guylty had sent along with auction winnings last year. They are cute but I had no real use for them… until now! And so the bottom right part of my laptop now sports a little RA in profile sticker…

I then installed my new cordless mouse and that really needs its own distinguishing feature even more, as such a mouse is much more likely than my laptop to wander or be forgotten. My laptop mouse now looks like this, featuring some very nice North and South shrine-art…

With discreet fangirling in place to distinguish my laptop and mouse from others, I’m ready for work now in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Discreet fangirling

  1. Servetus

    That’s so interesting. My current employer attaches our names to our laptops: a big sticker with “securely encrypted device” and my full name with middle initial. I’d rather have Armitage but it wouldn’t be allowed.


    1. We do have a sticker with barcode at the bottom, so the device is always traceable to me via the IT servicedesk but no names or anything on it to make it easily identifiable as mine in daily use.

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    1. When my kids were small I had all kinds of stickers in my house, now the only stickers I have are RA stickers, so I really had no other option. Not that I really wanted another option… 😉

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