Two favourites in one post

It’s the weekend! And I saw this lovely picture come across my Instagram feed this afternoon after I finished working…


Apparently Damage has wrapped filming in Marseille and this is Richard with his co-star Charlie Murphy (an actress I don’t know yet but seems to also have been on Peaky Blinders). I have a feeling Richard is still wearing filming make-up in this picture but it’s such a sweet picture nonetheless! In his Instagram post Richard says he is ‘transformed’. I’d love to know in what way.

It reminds me of another sweet picture I came across earlier this week that I wanted to share of Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen: Mr Darcy 1995 (my absolute fave Darcy ever!) and Mr Darcy 2005…

They starred in their first movie togther and this was them at a premiere…

They seem to like each other apart from that Darcy connection and apparently only briefly exchanged Darcy experiences. They filmed a movie called Operation Mincemeat together about a British deception operation to disguise the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943, using the body of a dead man, planting fake documents on him for the Germans to find. It’s based on a true story. I went to see the film with my friend last Tuesday (it was a pre-premiere showing). The cinema had a huge display to advertise the film…

It’s not Colin’s masterpiece and I could’ve done without that love triangle part of the story but it was a fun film to watch nonetheless. Ian Fleming, writer of James Bond, was part of the team who executed the deception plan and it was also very amusing finding out where M and Q in the James Bond movies seemed to have gained their names from. Colin and Matthew really play well off each other…

It’s not a film you really need to watch but it really was very nice to have seen it, especially with the added context of that Darcy connection. Although, I admit to not thinking much about either Darcy while I watched this, which is a good thing.

I love seeing my favourite actors making good connections with those they work with and showing it with a hug or a touch. It always makes me feel warm and happy inside.

12 thoughts on “Two favourites in one post

  1. I always love the pics of Richard with his female co-stars. But here’s my question… give that the pic 3 days earlier was light coloured thin hair, is this a hairpiece?

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  2. Servetus

    Another interesting “Operation Mincemeat” connection — Annabel Capper was in the documentary version several years ago.

    I think yes, it’s some kind of appliance and there has been one there off and on for quite a while.

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      1. Servetus

        Annabel Capper in “Operation Mincemeat”

        She was the person everyone was talking about as I became a fan. But yeah, I’ve followed her career from afar. If I lived on the east coast I might have gone to see her as Lady Macbeth. She’s apparently very good — the last play she was in in NYC the reviews were kind of ambivalent but she always got a positive mention in them.

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    1. Firth is ‘my’ Darcy too but I really like that they seemed to have hit it off together. 🙂
      Hope you enjoy the film too! Again, didn’t think it was a masterpiece but it was a good watch.

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