Funny Ronnie

Jack Benny was not a big name over here as far as I know and I have only vaguely been aware of him and his name as a comedian. I never heard or saw him in action until recently. He had his own comedy radio show in the 1940s which later became a TV show. While reading up on Ronald Colman’s life I also read about him and his wife Benita very succesully occasionally guest starrring on the Jack Benny show as Benny’s long-suffering neighbours in Beverly Hills.

The first radio episode Jack Benny made with the Colmans was an episode where Jack comes over to dinner. That same episode was later also filmed for the TV show and is up on YouTube. Jack Benny really was very funny and Ronald has great dry comedy timing, as does Benita.

I then also read that Ronald Colman winning his Oscar had been a theme on the Jack Benny radio show in the spring of 1948. I found the sound clips of that on YouTube as well. And they certainly make me laugh! I loved how Ronald spoofed his own career and spoofed the adoration of his Oscar and how very annoyed he gets with Jack Benny who even loses Colman’s Oscar! I edited out the Colman and his Oscar bits of the Jack Benny show (from two episodes) into one video. It’s a bit of a listen but if you need a laugh and don’t mind taking 28 minutes out of your day, I’d say it is well worth a listen! I made this video for my own personal use, then thought I’d try putting it up on YouTube and see if it is allowed. So far it’s up there without any restrictions…

I love the running gag of Jack stealing/’borrowing’ Ronnie’s things, I love how Ronald curmudgeonly reacts to Jack, I love how about 10 minutes into the video Ronald does some terrible acting in voicing a cowboy, I love how gleeful he gets in the second half of the video (at 19:50 minutes) at tricking Jack Benny and I love how he tries to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

I understand there are something like 20 Jack Benny shows that star Ronald and Benita. I will go in search of them as well, especially as I am confined to my room now for at least the next 24 hours. There is a real possibility that I too may finally have fallen victim to the Corona virus. Had the slightest of positives on an at home test earlier this afternoon and I have a PCR test appointment tomorrow morning.

14 thoughts on “Funny Ronnie

  1. Servetus

    Well, that’s horrible news — if you’ve got it, I hope everything works out ok. I know you’re concerned about Mr. Esther.

    Jack Benny was indeed huge here, and I remember listening to some episodes of it years ago on cassettes (they could be borrowed from the public library). I don’t remember the Colman’s specifically but it’s been a long time.

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    1. It feels completely strange keeping my distance to Mr E and sleeping alone in that big bed when I know he’s in the house. Fingers crossed that this is just a cold…
      I’m not sure I’d want to listen to all of Jack Benny (you know me and only audio work) but I did sure enjoy the Colmans as neighbours dynamic. 😊


  2. Great research! My husband and I have always loved Jack Benny. He has the best comic timing!
    Hope your test is negative. I just got over a Covid case with symptoms, but I feel much better now. You can get through it! Good luck, get plenty of rest, and drink LOTS of fluids : )

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    1. Thank you, Linnet. So far it all feels like a bad cold and nothing worse. I”m off to get tested in a few minutes, maybe it isn’t Covid at all (she said hopefully).

      Fun that you and your husband enjoyed Benny. Were you ever aware of the Colmams as neighbours dynamic?

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      1. I wasn’t aware of them, but he may have been. He always liked to listen to the radio shows. But he must have seen the TV too, because sometimes I see him holding his arms in that way Jack had, with one hand across his chest and the other hand on his face, looking bemused : )

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