Spring is drawing near…

… and it’s starting to show in our front garden.

Let this be a sign of new hope and for me the thing I hope for most now is that Putin stops his insane war on Ukraine as soon as possible!

I am so happy to see the world unite in condemnation and protests, with harsh sanctions against Russia piling up and military aid happening. I hope it will be enough to stop that monster in Moscow. In the meantime, we can all try to help assuage suffering in our own small ways. For me, I like to donate to the UN’s Refugee Agency. If you’re reading this and you’re considering doing this as well, you can donate on the UNHCR Ukraine emergency site HERE. Hariclea has shared an English UNHCR site where you can donate in pounds and Servetus has suggested some other help organizations. I so very much hope this collective effort against Putin will bear fruit very soon.

16 thoughts on “Spring is drawing near…

        1. aradaghast

          It’s getting warmer here too: not only because of Global-Warming-Climate-Change (16°C tomorrow at 16h) but because of some threats on East-Front…(bitter humor)

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          1. Servetus

            All weekend, news commentators have been asking this, and the only answer anyone comes to is “there’s no sign he will back down, period.”

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              1. Servetus

                I’m only aware of her political opinions insofar as they appear on FB, so I don’t really know. In general, enlistments go up in the US during peacetime (and economic difficulties) and fall during conflict periods. No one’s been conscripted in the US since 1973, so there would be a huge uproar (and any conscription drive would probably not involve women).

                I imagine most people would fight to defend their own countries. I hope so, anyway.

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              2. Conscription is not abolished in The Netherlands, but there is no compulsory attendance anymore. Both of my kids received a letter at age 17 stating that they are registered but do not have to do any kind of service. The letter also states that should there ever be a real need, they will be called up. So, if WWIII does happen… I shudder to think of it, for the world and for my kids.

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              3. Servetus

                We have registration (“selective service,” it’s called) but I’m not sure it’s anything more than a bureaucracy any more (or a way to mess up people’s lives if they neglect the paperwork — ask Obscura about this some time). Men are required to register (not doing so is a felony). But the social discourse about is that they will never be called up, and the military forces have been all-volunteer since ’73. I have mixed feelings about this, just because I think if there were ever a risk of mass conscription as in the past, it would be much harder to fight wars, period, and might have entirely prevented the illegal invasion of Iraq, which was not popular here.

                I figure those are the next dreams I am going to be having — WWIII dreams.

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