Two years ago today…

… I went to see Uncle Vanya in London and met Richard Armitage again at the stage door. It was my second Vanya night, I had also seen the play (and Richard at the stage door) the night before. I didn’t realize that today was that date but Jan over on Twitter did. Today she tweeted some images of that night, as she had been there that second night as well and we briefly met her then. In these images, which are new to me, I see myself standing there next to Jan, grinning like an idiot at Richard signing something for her.

In another picture the lovely Anna Calder-Marshall was signing autographs, I’m sort of in that picture too, but hidden beside Jan. Rachel and Michele are visible, though, the two ladies I had the pleasure of meeting that night.

It’s been a very dark day in world history today as Russia continues to fight in Ukraine, so it was great to be reminded of such a wonderful evening in lovely company and to see the evidence of that as well! Thank you, Jan, for cheering me up!

11 thoughts on “Two years ago today…

  1. Graza

    Indeed a different world. You all look lovely and happy in these photos. How much would I give to stand there and smile like you. And that was so shortly before the pandemic.

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      1. yup, i’m actually braving the theatre this coming May with a fandom friend-we’re going to see the Mike Bartlett play ‘Cock’ with Taron Egerton, Jonathan Bailey, Jade Anouka and Phil Daniels. Such a good line up and the play sounds excellent. Just doing a day trip, hopefully as safe as possible

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      1. My signed ticket says the 25th, but that might have been from my first night at the play. Too lazy to look it up now and you’re right, it’s not really important either. The important thing is the fun we had. 🙂

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  2. Two years already! What a magical time it was and to meet you and Armidreamer and Radaghast was just fabulous! I reminisce with Rachel all the time about our time in London and Edinburgh
    I’m going to see Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga in MacBeth in May in NYC first time traveling for a play since London ❤️😁

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