Mini me has been self testing a lot because kids at her school and also in her football team have been testing postive for Covid these past few weeks. Some football matches have even been cancelled. Yesterday she came home from school sneezing and with a bit of a throat ache, so in the afternoon she did an at home test. Sure enough, she tested postive for Covid which was today confirmed by an official PCR test.

We were already feeling that it was only a matter of time before this came to our house and it turns out we were right. Mini me has been keeping her distance, we have self tested here today as well and so far it all remains negative for the rest of us. We are all vaccinated and have had our booster shots so as long as we don’t have any symptoms, we don’t need to quarantine. We are being extra careful, though, with distance keeping (I cancelled my visit to my mother today), hand washing and using our masks. Fingers crossed that mini me is symptom free again soon (she already seems better than yesterday) and that the rest of us don’t get infected. Can this stupid pandemic be over already?

26 thoughts on “Positive

  1. Joan

    I know. Both my grandchildren (ages 6 and 18 mos.) had it as did my daughter-in-law. My son did not nor did the rest of us. The boys had no symptoms and my DIL only mild, no worse than a cold, symptoms. I too wish it would end.

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  2. Servetus

    Don’t like! Still, I’m glad it’s been relatively mild. (Which means the vaccinations are doing their job, something a lot of people in the US don’t get.) I hope it doesn’t get the rest of you and Mini-me’s recovery continues apace.

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  3. Fingers crossed that it’s only mild for Mini-Me and that it will pass quickly. Also fingers crossed that for the rest of you it will pass by! Which is possible and reassuring. All the best to you and yours.

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  4. Sorry to hear mini me has got the plague. I hope she’ll get through it with mild symptoms only. (Both my kids had it that way – with hardly any bother.) Fingers crossed that you might not catch it, and if so will be protected by your vaccinations and booster!


    1. Thank you! So far I only hear of mild cases from people who are vaccinated, which is good news. Mini me has a bit of a cold, but it’s all also mild, so we’re hopeful that if we get it as well, we’ll be fine. 🙂


  5. Uch, sorry about that, hope she feels better soon! Try and not use the same room at the same time and keep opening windows/door to let fresh in. A friend of mine managed to avoid catching it like that although her mum tested positive. All fingers crossed it spares you and hubby and it goes away quickly either way. Hugs.
    And yes, let’s hope more people take up vaccines and have access to vaccines all around the world so we can stop so many new variants and start getting out of this! sigh

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    1. Thank you, Hariclea!
      Looks like we’re all off the hook. She’s symptom free and has been testing negative on the at home tests the past two days and the rest of us are all well. Relief all around. 🙂


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