Sirius Black

Just a quick post as I’ve been engrossed in Harry Potter movies the past few days. I decided to watch the 20th anniversary reunion show and that made me realize I’d forgotten a lot about these movies as it’s been ages since I’ve seen them. So, after watching that show, which I found quite touching despite me not being a hardcore fan, I decided to dive into the movies again. I wanted to refresh my memory on the plot but also for the cast, especially Alan Rickman who was so brilliant as Professor Snape. His entrance just after 1 minute 10 in this really fun party scene from the sixth movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince gives a teeny glimpse into his magnetic and sometimes very amusing performance as Snape.

I also remember really liking Gary Oldman in Harry Potter

Seeing (parts of) the movies again, I was reminded how wonderful Gary actually was as Sirius Black and I’m in love all over again. My heart really beats faster for those little winks alone (ask Mr Esther, I adore winks)…

… but also for his wisdom…

… and for so much more…

I so wish he’d been around much more and much longer in the books and movies. Now all that’s left is to daydream about him, so I will go and do that now…

15 thoughts on “Sirius Black

    1. Cool! I’ve seen him in quite a lot of things and he’s always good. šŸ™‚ First really noticed him in the mid 1990s when I saw him as Beethoven in ‘Immortal Beloved’ at the cinema back then. He’s one of those actors who can really disappear into a role, where you forget you’re looking at Gary Oldman…

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  1. CarlyQ

    He ranks as a favorite Dracula for me, eclipsed only by Frank Langella who terrified me in 1979 as he crawled down the outside of a building and broke into Mina’s room. I’ll never forget seeing his upside down face peering at her through the glass.

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  2. Funnily enough I have been visiting Harry Potter world, I watched all the early films in the run up to Christmas, as they suit the festive period, and for nostalgia reasons, and am watching the darker, bleaker ones now, as I like wallowing in misery in January!
    Gary Oldman is one of my favourite actors, he has a mesmerising slippery quality but I feel that his talents were wasted in Hollywood for so many years. He is beginning to do interesting work again – although I didn’t like his Churchill. I get irritated when actors are praised for their physical transformation when it is really the make-up department who should have the accolades.

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    1. Servetus

      Maybe it’s because there are suddenly so many biopics, but in general I am bothered when an actor is highly praised for what is essentially the viewer’s evaluation of their skills at mimicry (Meryl Streep gets constant bonuses for this). It’s not so much that mimicry is easy — I would never claim that — but they don’t have to create an independent character; the person is already there for them to imitate (which is how I felt about Oldman in that role. Although in general I do not share the worldwide Oldman love).

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      1. I never quite got the Oldman thing either but I seem to be coming around now, looking at bits and pieces of his work and finding him quite astounding as a chameleon actor.


    2. Ha, fun that you’ve been going back to Potter-world as well!

      Going through his filmography I find I’ve seen him in quite a lot without really thinking it was him. He really can disappear in a role. I did like him as Churchill but yes, a lot of it is in the make up as well. They deservedly won an Oscar for the make up.

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  3. ah Gary Oldman, always had a little crush on him and i adored his part in Harry Potter-i have a pic somewhere of me gleefully sidling up to the cardboard cut of of him as Sirius in the cinema when the film was released! he looks damn gorgeous with the long wavy hair (i love Armitage’s similar hair in Robin Hood S3). He’s really a fabulous actor

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    1. Yeah, I think that as Sirius he’s pretty much the sexiest he’s looked. šŸ™‚ Although he also seems quite magnetic in the Dracula clips I’ve seen as well. Not that I am particularly tempted to see the movie but still…

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