Merry Christmas

…. for me to all of you readers out there!

Another Christmas during the Covid 19 pandemic, another Christmas faced with lockdowns but, unlike last year, this year we have vaccines that can help protect us (and I just made my booster appointment for January 4th!) and antigen self-tests we can do in addition before we see someone. It’s all still far more low key than pre-pandemic but (despite Omicron) it all feels a tad more hopeful to me than last year. So, let’s hope that this will be the last such Christmas!

To those who are alone or missing someone or just feeling bah-humbug about the holidays (I’ve been feeling a lot of that too this year), you are in my thoughts. To those of you who can celebrate with loved ones, count your blessings. In each and every case I’m sending out my Christmas hugs to you all!

18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

      1. Servetus

        Thanks. I just took an aspirin (although in general I don’t respond to little annoyances that way). It was like the day when you know you’re getting flu — your body just hurts. It was mostly gone the next day.

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