A winter’s morning

In our family chat, pictures arrived from my aunt and my niece of the beautiful winter morning they were seeing on this second day of winter…

Mr E had to be up early as well and shared his view from our bedroom window, with a pinkish sky. After he left, the curtains were still open and from my bed I saw the morning sun peeping through the trees into my window. I just had to get up and take a picture as well…

After I admired the morning light for a little bit, I went back to bed, crawled back under the covers and napped for another hour. I usually get a little extra nap in on Wednesday mornings as it’s my normal day off but this morning it felt extra good as today is also the beginning of my Christmas holiday! I’ll be off work for two weeks. I have my volunteer work to do this afternoon and after that all this time stretched out ahead of me. It’s a good feeling.

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