Multitasking and tug of war

The holiday season is definitely upon us, another weird year where we are half in quarantine yet again during the holidays. We’re working from home again, office Christmas parties are online again, and all restaurants, theatres, museums and non-essential shops are closed after 5 pm, at least until mid January. This Omicron Covid variant is looking grim as we still await our booster shots (my mother and aunt have had theirs, though, so that’s good).

So, office Christmas parties. There was an online work Christmas get together yesterday with a pub quiz but as there is much left to do before my daughter’s 18th and my aunt’s 85th birthday this weekend (on the same date!) and also for Christmas, I used the time to multitask. The Christmas shopping I have been ordering online is coming in now and things need to be wrapped, so while I was answering online pub quiz questions, I was also wrapping gifts…

Earlier in the week there was an online Christmas do for the volunteers at the Refugee Center where I work and, in between a full day of online meetings, I was able to use my lunch break to participate in that. Glad I did, it was fun. More fun than my regular work Christmas thing as it was more personal.

I spent yesterday evening working on a birthday video for my beloved aunt but when I watched it again this morning before work, the first half felt more like a funeral than a party. So, while working, I listened to all sorts of music on YouTube to figure out another first track for the video. I found a funny one and changed the music in my video during my lunch break. I used the first 3 and a half minutes of this…

As it’s getting quiet at work, I also pinched some time to finish the birthday poster for my daughter (with a small portrait picture for each year of her 18 years), as I do every year. I think I am now finally on top of things (except for party shopping which will happen tomorrow).

I’m really glad the Christmas holiday is coming up! I only have today, Monday and Tuesday to work and then I’ll have two weeks off. Bliss. My current boss and my new boss are caught up in a tug of war over me. My new boss wants me mid February, my old boss wants to hold on to me for a month longer (officially I have a 3 month notice period) and I’m just sitting back, watching it unfold as I simultaneously keep telling my current boss I’d also rather leave sooner than later. She’s so weird. Before I got the job she was encouraging me and saying how I should do all I can to follow my work-heart and now that I am, she’s holding me back. Anyway, it’ll work itself out. I’m starting to get into a Christmas zen mode, no use to to get worked up over things I can’t change.

Richard is getting his Christmas mood on as well, with his traditional call to give to a good cause…

I wonder if the message on the Just Giving page that he links to is also his Christmas message this year…

I hope he’ll still write a message more like he has done in previous years where he reflects on the past year. No pressure and time will tell, but it would be nice.

Anyway, it’s been really busy this week. On Wednesday I even had an insane amount of volunteer work to do at the Refugee Center that didn’t fit into the one afternoon I usually do and it took me all day. As my regular work is now starting to dry up, I’m quitting early today and I’m more than ready for the weekend to arrive. Back to single tasking and getting out of the way of tug of wars.

11 thoughts on “Multitasking and tug of war

  1. Servetus

    Makes you wonder if your current boss thought you wouldn’t actually go and she wasn’t losing anything by encouraging you to pursue what you wanted.

    Anyway, I’m impressed that you keep all this Xmas stuff together and all these balls in the air. Happy, happy, and I’m also wishing for you a quick calm-down.

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    1. I keep on thinking that I’m forgetting stuff, although I think I do have a handle on the most important stuff now. Fingers crossed.

      Yeah, my boss is a weird one. I never know what to expect from her. She seems alright but then at other times she’s all over the place with her reactions and I never quite trust her. In my experience there are very few good bosses around. I wonder how I’ll get along with my new one. I get a great vibe from her, she’s even a Bowie fan, but who knows what she’ll turn out to be like in the day to day.

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      1. Servetus

        i read something about middle managers today — they’re in that position because they haven’t fully mastered the sociopathy of actual managers. So maybe “erratic” is their main quality? I wonder if there isn’t an inherent problem about our age in regard of these relationships — I am much more skeptical than I used to be about people just because I’ve lived through a lot more.

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  2. aradaghast

    🙂 Merci pour la chanson en version classique (notre fille est née un 17 décembre).
    Pour solutionner ce conflit, pourquoi ne pas proposer de prendre, dès à présent, vos jours de vacances acquis en 2021, grâce à votre travail, auprès de votre actuelle entreprise? Désormais, ces jours seront perdus pour 2022.

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    1. aradaghast

      Juste les conseils d’une patronne qui vient de déboucher une employée, alors que ses patrons étaient en inventaire de cessation d’activité. Elle a fait son préavis en entier. Chaque patron a laissé 15 jours à son confrère.

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      1. I’m transferring within the same organization, so the vacation days don’t matter so much and I’m already using up this year’s remaining vacation days for the Christmas holiday coming next week. It’s all about my boss not wanting to let me go before she finds my replacement and she thinks she may need the full 3 months for it…

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