Notes to self…

… when next sending out orders after any fundRAising event:

  1. Be sure to first sort orders per name before packing them.
  2. Be sure to pay better attention to how many copies of a magnet someone actually ordered. Check and double check.
  3. Be sure to wait out late orders and special requests.
  4. Be sure to never tape shut an envelope until you are actually ready to send everything out.
  5. Maybe invest in having stickers made with your own address instead of repeatedly having to write out your sender address over and over again.
  6. Do not ever attempt Cyrillic script.
  7. Don’t send a package to the USA with DHL, it’s twice as expensive as the regular Dutch postal service! I found that out while purchasing the mailing label ahead of time online. I had sent something through DHL within the EU a few weeks ago and that was perfect with free track & trace, which made it a little cheaper than the regular postal service track & trace package. Apparently that is not the case when sending to the US.
  8. Guylty does this TWICE a year?!?
  9. Continue to love the fact that Richard Armitage fans are such an international bunch!
  10. A glass of wine at midnight after an evening of packaging is a must.

So, yes, I spent yesterday late afternoon and all evening packing all the Richard magnets and the red wine set from the #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser.

I had sent out magnets before but the numbers were different this time. When you see it all laid out like that in the end, it doesn’t look like that much work but looks can be deceiving. Still, as a one-off task it was quite fun to do (even if I did waste a couple of envelopes because I had to re-open and then re-address them). I have developed an extra admiration for how Guylty does all this with a much, much larger volume of orders. I am no way as efficient as she is but even with her efficiency, getting all the items together and sent out like she does is a mammoth task. Kudos are due! I’m in awe. I think next year, if there is another auction, it will be prudent to send some Richard-elves her way to help her out.

Anyway, it’s all ready now and I’m really glad I was able to chip in like this. And yes, I’d do it all again. I hope to be able to get to the post office this afternoon to actually send everything on its way.

To all recipients: thank you again for your generosity and for helping to aid LOROS and happy holidays to you! For those amongst us who are Jewish, the holidays have already begun as today is the fifth day of Hanukkah. Chag sameach to those who celebrate! Here, make and have some latkes…

… and I hope everyone will have a nice holiday month this December.

20 thoughts on “Notes to self…

  1. Hehe, well done, Esther. Yep, it’s quite a learning curve, and even old-hand-Guylty is still getting caught out every time. There’s always something that doesn’t quite work 😕. But well, the end is in sight – we’re getting there. And we can pat ourselves on the back that we have made our fellow fans – and LOROS – happy 🥳

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    1. Yes, that’s why it’s worth it. 🙂
      Didn’t make it to the post office yesterday but will definitely make it today, so all should be on its way by this evening.


  2. Array

    Strength to your packaging impulses!
    (What you say here is more or less what i thought when I heard Candida Brady was selling DVDs of “Urban and the Shed Crew,” which I summarized at the time as “fulfillment is a b*****”).


      1. Luckily I have a lot of bubble wrap saved up and mummified the glasses and then the entire box with padding
        Champagne flutes came in their own box so I gift wrapped that one and mummified the flutes with bubble wrap
        Traveling overseas so fingers crossed all goes well 😁🤞

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  3. Happy Sinter Claas, Esther. I had totally forgotten that today is the big day in the Netherlands, and I feel bad now that you had to run out yesterday and get the letters and package in the post. Hope you are having a lovely family present-giving evening right now.

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    1. Ah, that’s so sweet, thank you! But no worries there! I confess that this year we did nothing for Sinterklaas. It’s mostly a children’s festival and sometimes there are grown up parties too but the kids are big now and didn’t have much interest in it. So, this year I just gave them chocolate letters and sang one Sinterklaas song and that was it.


        1. LOL! I’m not that well versed in church history so had to look up when exactly that was supposed to have happened. Apparently wikipedia has not caught on to this little fact yet.


  4. Oh my word, Esther, your list strikes a chord with me.and I would add to it ‘Make sure you have added everything to a parcel before binding it in metres of parcel tape’.. How does Gulty manage all that packing? And you had your work cut out too.(your contributions to the auction were fab, well done!)

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    1. About having my work cut out for me – it could have gone quicker and better had I thought of the points above ahead of time. And I was still able to do it all in one evening, nowhere near as much time as I’m sure Guylty needed. Despite it all, it was fun contributing. 🙂

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