Richard Armitage is magnetic

I’ve been pretty busy, so didn’t get around to blogging about the magnets I had made for the fixed-price sale of the #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser! In honesty, there isn’t that much to blog about. After the excitement of the birthday auctions and that lovely video that Richard posted, I wanted to preserve something of the fun. I had made a lot of screenshots and then, boom, the magnet idea was born. Two magnets with each two images on them of this magnetic man…

There are still magnets available in Guylty’s Etsy shop HERE. As I type this, there are 4 Cupcake-RA magnets left (my personal fave, on the left) and 6 Close-up RA magnets.

Guylty has already e-mailed me the list of recipients for the orders that came in up until yesterday. I am packing them this evening and tomorrow and hope to send them off tomorrow or on Saturday at the latest. So, go on, snap up one of the last few magnets if you haven’t already, all in aid of LOROS hospice.

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