Still wishing…

Two years ago today the announcement came that the excellent Anne with an E was cancelled. The cancellation still is definite, and yet I still wish for that fourth season, even if there is no real hope for that left…

Even The Guardian, in an article from only two months ago, regrets that there is no season four. The petition to renew Anne is at over 1,5 million signatures…

I’ve made fan videos, I still return to bits and pieces of Anne and I still try to stay abreast with what the cast is up to, in the hopes of hearing some unexpected good news. Two years without Anne is far too long, so on this sad anniversary let me just call yet again on the powers that be to renew Anne with an E! Not that the powers that be ever read here, but I can at least put it out there, maybe it can help create some positive karma.

8 thoughts on “Still wishing…

    1. Yeah… but I’d have to be organized to even attempt something like that and then the makers would have to be on board as well… and the channels where it could be aired… So, I remain imperfect and just continue to do nothing else but wish.

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