One more…

I seem to be on a posting spree this past week (this is the 10th post in 8 days!) and even I am getting a little tired of hearing myself talk. Just this one more thing before I head to bed that I need to get off my chest: I made a second video for Bobby (Peter Krause) and Athena (Angela Bassett) from 9-1-1. This one’s a joyful one, it certainly cheered me up while I was making it…

Two videos for one show means that this warrants 9-1-1 having its own fan video page in my fan video corner on this blog. 🙂

Speaking of 9-1-1: seeing Peter Krause in action so much recently has also brought me back to his real life partner Lauren Graham again, whom I loved as Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.

It reminded me that I have been meaning to read her book of biographical essays that she published a few years ago called Talking As Fast As I Can (which is what she did on Gilmore Girls – that show had really fast paced dialogue). I figured I’d put it on my Christmas wish list but then when I saw the e-book for only €2,-, I couldn’t resist and went ahead and bought it…

I haven’t touched my e-reader in eons, so needed to charge it first but I’m all set now. It’s just after midnight as I hit publish, I never really sleep before one am, so just enough time to jump into bed and get started! It feels good to find the motivation to read something again, I hope I like it enough to stick with it.

9 thoughts on “One more…

    1. Mr E never liked Gilmore Girls (he always found that show annoying and would escape when I tuned in) and these entertainment people don’t do anything for him, so never mind how genuine and warm, he’d never read anything like this. Which is fine! He and I are so not the same person, it’s one of the things I love about our relationship. He listens to me drone on about actors and shows and movies, I listen to him drone on about heraldry or the Romans or what The Netherlands looked like in the 1800s and we learn stuff from each other without ever having to dive into the details. 🙂

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  1. Servetus

    So did you have to update your software after so long? That’s the thing that bugs me about e-readers.

    If this converts you back to reading, another book I’ve read recently where you can hear the author speaking in your brain is Stanley Tucci, Taste, although since it’s mostly about food and his experience of eating and making it, it might not really be one you would pick. But the book is very much “all Stanley.”

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      1. Servetus

        It’s kind of a food memoir. So, like, he writes about growing up from the perspective of what they ate and the sociability around it, and so on. It’s well done. Indeed, if I were going to consume an audiobook, this is the one I’d pick — he narrates it himself, too. But you’ve always appeared to me as someone who is more in the realm of “I like to eat food, not think about it,” so in that case I would probably not pick this book for you.

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