New lockdown looming

This evening there will be a new press conference from our prime minister and our health minister. A new 3 week partial lockdown is looming due to ever rising new Covid cases and Covid deaths…

85% of the Dutch have been vaccinated and the cases that go to hospital or intensive care are mostly from unvaccinated people. 4 in 5 people was the last I had heard. Our indoor mask mandate was let go after the summer but returned a week ago and working at the office was only allowed for 50% max but it looks like the lockdown will get stricter again.

Our Corona crisis press conferences are always also covered by a sign language interpreter. Last year in March, when the first lockdown was announced, it was the first time a sign language interpreter had ever been present at a huge press conference like that. Irma Sluis, the interpreter, became really famous and very popular because of the sign she made for the word ”hamsteren” (which means hoarding supplies like a hamster)…

Since then there have also been other interpreters but Irma remains the most famous. So, when my sister forwarded this to our family chat this morning, it completely cracked me up. The written text translates to: “Leaked! This is what Irma Sluis is going to say [at the press conference] this evening!”:

We really need to try to retain a sense of humour during this whole Corona crisis mess, it felt good to actually laugh about it instead of dreading it, like I really do. I know vaccination is a personal choice but, come on, is it really so very difficult to decide to get vaccinated so we can beat this thing once and for all? As much as I love seeing Irma Sluis and her colleagues in action, I so wish for all of this to be over.

25 thoughts on “New lockdown looming

  1. It truly is a sad situation that didn’t need to happen, again… I cannot understand, with a vaccine available, that everyone does not avail themselves of it, just do it.. We have the same problem in here in the USA.. I too am tired of this and would love to be rid of it.. I’ve been vaccinated and received my booster, its not just for me but for everyone that we do this, yet some just don’t get it.. Be safe and take care…

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  2. Servetus

    There will never be another lockdown here, even if we need it. We are also on an upswing in infections (surprise, surprise, it finally froze a few weeks ago and so people are spending much more time indoors) but not in vaccinations.

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      1. Servetus

        my suspicion is that the people who say that it will slow down in a few years are most correct. The slowdown will occur out of a combination of vaccine mandates for many jobs in the US, an increased refusal by health insurance companies to cover COVID related costs of unvaccinated patients who contract later variants, and an ongoing stream of deaths. Eventually we will develop a habit of vaccination in response to more virulent strains, and the most susceptible people will be dead. I have really lost hope that Americans want to cooperate to end the situation.

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    1. Three weeks initially. Restaurants and essential shops close at 8, other shops at 6, work from home unless there is no other option. Events must end at 6 pm and have fixed seating and no spectators at sporting events.
      They are now analysing whether it is justified to impose further coronavirus restrictions on the 15% of Dutch adults who are not fully vaccinated. We’ll see!

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      1. I can’t help wondering whether Covid infections aren’t thought to be contagious before 6 or 8pm! (Perhaps places are more crowded in the evening though.) Frontline NHS staff in the UK must have the vaccine now – i can’t decide what I think about that.

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  3. *sigh* it’s so frustrating. Numbers are terrifying here in Germany and no one seems to feel responsible when it comes to any counter-measures. I’m so tired of it all. Last year people were frustrated that vaccines weren’t available and now many can’t be arsed to get vaccinated. 🤬

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  4. ditto, except here we’re more like the US, gvmt not willing to impose measures so people, vaccinated and not have become completely lax in mask wearing, which contributes to transmission. It’s not enough to get vaccinated i’m afraid, mask wearing is still essential. So here were are the same too, people not wearing masks, spreading it and the unvaccinated mostly, but also some vulnerable people filling hospital wards, delaying procedures for others, etc etc.
    You’d think we’d learn, but no, looks like we’ll just live this out as is, with many vulnerable people and others with medical problems paying the brunt of it 😦 We don’t even have vaccination passes in England, unlike other nations even in UK and institutions won’t impose mask mandate, so although vaccinated because of risk and taking care of a vulnerable person, i’m essentially still stuck at home:-( Really tired of it all and looks like it will be another very long winter…

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    1. Yes, I heard from my brother yesterday who lives in London that it’s lax over there. BoJo and his government don’t seem to care anymore. I’m so sorry it’s such a mess!
      In fairness, even with measures it’s a mess here too. As long as so many people refuse to get vaccinated, I fear we will remain in it as well.


    2. Servetus

      Just want to sympathize that that question of endangering the person at home hung heavy on me last year, too. I felt like I was not only asking “is this safe for me” but also “would this be safe for dad” and there were always too many reasons it wasn’t. Nobody wants another one of these insanely isolating winters but I think we’ll have one, nonetheless.

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  5. CarlyQ

    I’m stealing that word, hamsteren, and I’m totally using that sign then next time my middle child begs me to purchase something for her to try and fit in her nest…err bedroom.

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