The week’s successes

1- Earlier this week I heard that I was one of two people left for that job I had interviewed for but alas they picked the other person. The reason given was a good one, though, and because of that I was almost glad they didn’t pick me, because if they want that from me they are indeed not going to get it. I thought I was out of options for now but then got a call the next morning for a possible other job that has me really enthusiastic! So, fingers crossed people!

2- I fought for ‘my’ refugee getting a certain benefit and it has finally come through this week and boy does it feel good to have been able to help him!

3- I reported two fake Richard Armitage accounts that had randomly started following me on Twitter and they are both gone now.

4- Was back at the office again for a few hours yesterday. It was actually quite nice and afterwards I walked in the autumn sun to a nearby Starbucks and had my first chai tea latte again in ages! That felt good.

5- It’s Friday afternoon and relatively quiet at work. After this lunch break it’s one more online meeting, only a little more work to do and then I can start the weekend early (compensating for working a few hours extra on Wednesday). I love beginnings of weekends!

6- Last but not least: Richard Armitage in plaid is always a great idea!

Sources: Sammy on Twitter and RA Bulgaria on Twitter.

Have a good weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “The week’s successes

  1. I am sorry to hear about the job but congratulations that another door has opened – and good luck! And well done too on making a positive difference to a young man’s life. That plaid! imagine being enveloped in those arms!

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