The fall has come

Earlier in the week we took a little walk in the woods where everything still looks quite green but you can see the leaves are starting to turn…

Last night we had stormy weather and it continued to be windy and rainy today. I’ve been busy the past two days with a job interview and volunteer work but today Mr Esther and I decided to make a day of it for ourselves. Well, more of an afternoon, really. We went to the beach of Scheveningen (Den Haag) where the North Sea was restless. It was quite a beautiful sight seeing the waves come in roughly. It looks quite peaceful in that first picture but it really wasn’t. There was a lot of foam coming off the wild waves.

When the rain came we went inside for a drink of nice, warm tea and then after we walked on to the pier, pelted by wind, watching the waves crash below us.

I was just about warm enough in my thinner spring and autumn coat but have now also dug out my winter coat, I’ll be much more comfortable in that now that the weather has turned chilly and fall really seems to be here.

21 thoughts on “The fall has come

  1. Servetus

    This is the time of the year to visit the sea, IMO. The feeling of solitude is so calming. We are finally about to have our freeze here (three weeks late) and I ordered a sweater today.

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      1. Servetus

        the (“hard”) freeze is the point at which it’s cold enough at night to kill off what remains of gardens. In my experience it has snowed on Halloween off and on but that won’t happen this year, although it has already snowed on the eastern side of the Rockies.

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  2. hah, if your husband had a serious look on his face, he could have almost been cosplaying RA when he was on the Fens doing the trailer for Their Lost Daughters! lol
    love that last photo btw

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