Good kind of Friday

Last week I realised that fall break is upon us and that I will be having a week off next week! I had already blocked the week off months ago and it couldn’t come at a better time.

I had a frank and open conversation with my boss this morning about all the shit that’s been happening, including feedback on how what she says affects me negatively. It’s out there now and we’ll see if she will again use this against me or not or if it will even change anything. In any case, I feel much lighter now that it’s been discussed and I’m ready for my break now.

To add to the ‘it’s a good Friday’ feeling – I was able to secure a good financial victory for my young man refugee this week, which had me really stoked. And then there is also the fact that I have bagged a job interview to be held via Zoom next week. Fingers crossed, people! When I get back to work in a week I want to say to my boss that I’ll be outta there.

Today (work) life is looking not so gloomy. Even the weather has cleared a bit and there’s some sun shining in through our dining room window where I sit as I work.

I’m all caught up with everything now, so I can finish early, which is a good thing before heading into a holiday. Time to quickly blog this, shut my work laptop and start my free week off. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Good kind of Friday

  1. Servetus

    Fingers crossed. There’s a saying in US-management speak: people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Seems like that is really happening here. Enjoy your break!

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  2. i’m glad you were able to speak your mind and that your break has come at a perfect time-might give your manager a little time to mull things over rather than potentially lashing back at you. Have a good break and good luck with the interview!


  3. So sorry, I have been ignoring you, Esther, accidentally. For some reason I stopped getting alerts for your posts, so missed them (but have received other ones). Anyway, good luck with your job hunting – how did the interview go?

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    1. I didn’t feel ignored! After all, no one has time to read and react to everything all the time, do they? Anyway, thanks for checking in now. 🙂
      Interview went well and they talked to someone I had given as a reference, I’ll hear more next week.

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