OK, a little soap box time. Just saw Richard Armitage retweet a ‘Hello’ clickbait article with really virtually no content whatsoever…

“Richard Armitage shocks fans with transformation for new Netflix drama Stay Close“. Seriously? I am not in the least bit shocked by this look!

I’d rather call myself delighted! This look reminds me of his scruffy look in Urban and the Shed Crew (with even the same kind of red-black flannel shirt!) which I quite loved…

I don’t think Richard Armitage fans shock that easily, but then, I can’t speak for all RA fans. I just know that I, as a fan, have not felt shocked, not even for a nano-second. What is journalism coming to? Then again, I wouldn’t call this piece journalism, from ‘Hello’ I would have expected a little better. I mean, it was never a hard-hitting magazine or anything but this kind of cheap ‘journalism’ should be beneath them… Sheesh. A pity Richard felt the need to retweet that and give it even more attention. Oh well, at least it inspired another blog post (and I now too have drawn attention to it – maybe not so smart from me either).

10 thoughts on “Delighted!

  1. Servetus

    I wonder if these clickbait headlines will eventually collapse of their own weight (I notice this with some of my favorite news outlets, too — the headline is largely unrelated to the content, which increasingly has a tenuous relationship with reality anyway). I feel like 5 years ago there would have been a lot more outrage in response to that tweet, but then once you figure out outrage is what they want, you start to get less willing to provide it. But then again everyone has a scale of things they think are worth of response to (I am still outraged about Audible whereas you are clearly not). Media people will do this crap. I certainly agree Armitage didn’t need to RT it. But I’ve felt increasingly lately based on his tweeting that he must be really bored.

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    1. I don’t want to waste my time getting too worked out about this.
      LOL, no I’m not outraged about Audible but that’s because I never bothered to subscribe to them and so never closely followed the shit they pulled.
      The man indeed seems to have more time on his hands and is suddenly tweeting again – we’ll see how long this bout lasts.

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  2. Maybe Richard RT’ed without reading the article – since he doesn’t read about himself, as he says 😂. Or it is the people pleaser in him that made him react to a clickbait article by Hello magazine. I admit, the headline made me check out the article. And meh, I am annoyed that I “gifted” them the page view because that article was mere regurgitation of the old press release that announced the show. So, no, not nearly shocked by his look as Ray. I really wonder what the writer thought (apart from “what sensationalist headline can I make up to inspire readers to click”) – why would a wind-swept, slightly longer hair-do shock *anyone*? Or a slightly sleezy look with a hoody under a leather jacket? That’s hardly extreme… But hey, every click works. Meh.

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  3. Kate

    I’m delighted by his look as well and it’s Chop vibes. I also knew it was clickbait, but in the absence of real news, we can allow ourselves a little fun. More Richard is always good. 😁

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