Lunch break

Very late lunch break today as I had three meetings and was working a deadline but finally a moment to unwind now. Sat outside for about 15 minutes…

… but a few raindrops are starting to fall, so back inside to write this. I have a very boring work task to do next, so am delaying a bit getting back to it. Meanwhile, I had to clear bird feathers from the couch which I only saw when I wanted to plonk down there at the beginning of my break (and everyone has left the house, so no one else saw either). Apparently our black cat has been hunting again in the night and has snatched a bird. I can’t find the body, so I hope she took it outside again and didn’t hide it somewhere in the house. It’s not like we don’t feed her! Her dry food has barely been touched which is unlike her. I now understand why. How innocent does she really look while sitting in our armchair?

Time to make a sandwich now (wasn’t hungry earlier but now starting to feel a little peckish) and then back to work again in about 15 minutes. I’m so glad I’ll have my day off tomorrow.

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