Job search and All Creatures

Had a very disillusioning talk with my boss on Friday who, under the guise of being ‘supportive’ is turning into one of the least supportive bosses I have known and I feel betrayed. It makes me want to leave my current job more than ever, so I’m feverishly searching for other work. I just sent out two applications this evening. Fingers crossed something good will happen because where I’m at now is turning more and more sour. The mental stress I am feeling, especially after Friday, makes me wonder whether I should just call in sick and never go back again…

The cat has been supportive while I sent out my applications…

She’s always desperate to lie on us or, if that’s not possible, to lie against us. Yes, annoying sometimes but also very good for calming nerves when I can just turn my head and nuzzle her soft fur.

I’ve been needing some comfort watching so have finally watched the first season of the new All Creatures Great and Small

… and it sure is a lovely series! I used to watch the old one of the end 1970s and 1980s and I have read the books once a long, long time ago but I’m not that clear anymore on the particulars, it’s been too long. So, no idea whether this is true to the books but I’m really enjoying it, particularly Mrs Hall (Anna Madeley) and Sebastian Farnon (Samuel West), even though he’s a little less jolly here than I remember him from the old series. Of course, also James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) is good, as is Tristan (Callum Woodhouse), who really has some growing up to do, and I don’t remember Helen Alderson being a farming woman but I do like this Helen (Rachel Shenton) too. The second series is airing now as we speak. It’s lovely to disappear into a different world like that. Yorkshire sure is gorgeous and I also think back fondly of our travels there a few summers ago. Looking forward to season two!

26 thoughts on “Job search and All Creatures

  1. Oh sorry about the (un)helpful boss. Yes, life is way too short to stick in a place that makes you miserable! 😪 Good luck with the job hunting, or explaining to the numpty that that isn’t helpful? 🥴😬

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    1. Thanks for your support, Zedeffeye. 🙂
      When I tell her something in honesty and in confidence that isn’t so great, she in the end just uses it against me. Friday was just such an example (one in a line of examples but so far the most hurtful one). I just can’t trust her anymore. She’s not the only thing that sours this job, there are many other things, but she is becoming a big factor in it now too…

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      1. I’m sorry, Esther. I’ve listened to a few talks on work-related stress and a common theme is often the dedication people to their work so that it can be painful when things aren’t working out. 😪. When I find myself starting to stress out with work, I have to let go and say to myself “it’s only a job”, and “these co-workers are not my friends, just colleagues”. 😪 I hope you can find some things that work for you / help you decompress at the end of each day, etc. 😘🤗❤️

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  2. I can commiserate on the job front Esther although Friday was finally a decent day for me. Sending hugs
    I watched the first season a few weeks ago on the advice of Rachel and loved it! I like James Herriot and Samuel West as Dr Farnum is delightful. The entire cast work well together and the setting is wonderful. Glad you could go there a few summers ago
    I think your cat senses you needed some love and attention ❤️😻

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  3. aradaghat

    Croisons les doigts!
    Chercher un nouveau travail est une démarche positive. Votre employeur est sûrement étonné que vous ne l’ayez pas fait plutôt. Ce qui pourrait expliquer son attitude actuelle.


    1. Oh, I’ve been applying since just before the summer but alas with no luck as yet! While I have offers once or twice a week via LinkedIn for the same kind of job I do now, I’d really much rather make a change and have applied for the different kinds of jobs I’d much rather be doing. Now, however, I am looking somewhat broader and yes, even applied for a similar job I do now (which I had vowed I wouldn’t do but desperation made me do so).

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  4. Sorry to hear that the talk with your boss has sown more doubts than reassured you. I can only cross my fingers that your job applications will lead to new opportunities where you can feel more appreciated and efficient than in your current position!

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  5. I’ll understand the frustation and will keep my fingers crossed for your job search.

    Good to hear you enjoyed ‘All creatures…’ too. Such a great tv show for comfort watching and fleeing reality 🙂

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  6. Servetus

    Helen Alderson was a farmer’s daughter in the original — but Mrs. Hall didn’t play such a huge role. I think the expansion of the role works well, although I am neutral on the sort of implied affection between Mrs. Hall and Siegfried. It really is a good series to watch right now. I also got BritBox a few months ago and they seem to have all the episodes of the original TV series — I want to watch that again and see if they are as wonderful as they seemed to me back in the 1980s.

    Very late here, but I have fingers crossed for a further job move for you.

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