Armitage mail

It was just before 2 pm when I heard a thud of something falling on the mat at our front door and I saw the mailwoman walk away. I was in an online meeting but couldn’t suppress a smile as I thought, “Ah, that’s the Armitage-related mail item I ordered on Saturday!” Richard Armitage as Father Quart in The Man from Rome seems to really be happening now, so I decided to finally invest in the book, The Seville Communion. It’s only available second-hand and I figured I’d give the physical copy a go, this time preferring it over an e-book copy. Not sure when I’ll read it yet, but I fully intend to.

When the meeting ended I walked to the door to pick my book off the mat and there I also found a second mail-item. This was a decorative envelope with ‘Armitage Army – Irish section’ as the sender, a little surprise that I wasn’t expecting! When I opened it I found a mini Armitage shrine inside. Apparently Guylty has made thank you shrines for donors of items to the #RA50Auctions. As if the woman hasn’t had more than enough work on her hands already with that auction, she now also sends out thank you shrines?!? Young lady, you put us all to shame with your generosity! Having said that, THANK YOU! I love everything about my little shrine. For starters, it’s in a tin with Barack Obama on the lid and I still really like Barack Obama. ๐Ÿ™‚

The inside is lovely with a nicely brooding Guy of Gisborne and Kenneth in a robe adorned with a red heart from the Love Love Love play. A yellow rose, tiny disco ball and an Armitage tweet about the auctions make it all complete. There’s even a nice image on the back of handsome Guy…

Lemon candy? Armitage candy more like! This is such a little treasure commemorating this biggest RA auction yet and great company for my North and South shrine that I won a year ago. Now I have two shrines beside me to cheer me up when I get back to work again in a few minutes…

It’s totally unnecessary for you to do this, Guylty, and at the same time I am also very thankful for this little gift. A perfect way to cheer me up today. Thank you for the absolutely lovely surprise!

13 thoughts on “Armitage mail

  1. Violet

    That’s Sonja for you; always going the extra mile for this fandom. Her generosity is legendary. If the RArmy were an official organization, she’d be the President, hands down. Not only does she make the charity auctions possible, she had the idea to write #OOOFs of her favorite Richard photos from his photoshoots, compiles her Weekly RA Tumblr Round-Ups, invented the RA Pocket Shrines (inspired by the large one her husband made her) and designed two RA themed fabrics with which to craft products – SHE SAVED THE RA WEBSITE. C’mon! Yes, we have many talented, gifted artists in this group who contribute beautiful arts, crafts, stories and even published novels, but Sonja is a pioneer who inspires everyone to create. *off my soapbox* Congratulations on your book and the new shrine, Esther! I’m happy for you.

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  2. Aw, I am glad it has arrived and it has made you smile. Thatโ€™s important – as is giving thanks to those whose support makes the fundraiser possible. No need to worry about me giving my time over to these projects. The shrine making is my way of relaxing and having fun ๐Ÿ™‚
    And now enjoy reading that book – looking forward to hearing from you what you think about it!

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