So yesterday, at the beginning of the evening while sitting in our back garden, my daughter calls to me and asks me to look very seriously into the camera on her phone. I do, she takes a picture, applies a filter and this is the result…

Esther as a goth! I was already wearing a back shirt, this look goes very well with that. All I need to do to look like this permanently is have my hair coloured black and grey (well, the grey is already there!), get black rimmed glasses and some black make up. Should I? I’m quite partial to this…

13 thoughts on “Goth

    1. We don’t really do anything for Halloween here, but it’s a thought. Then again, do I want to spend all that money on black lipstick, black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, black and grey hair colouring and new black glasses for one day?


      1. Servetus

        yeah, the makeup is a serious obstacle to the whole thing imo (then again I’ve had makeup on a handful of times or fewer in my lifetimes, so I’m not the person to ask)

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    1. I don’t think I know any Goths now, at least not outwardly, but yeah, the one or two I have known in my student days were lovely too. I’ve always been very partial to the Goth look. 🙂


    1. Oooh, punk has some cool looks! I was never very outspoken in how I look. always sort of neutral/nerdy.
      Not that I was really going to get any but good tip on the black lipstick.


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