The fun stuff

Fun item number one: I see Richard has updated his Twitter header…

I have written before about being very partial to nice priests in cassocks and that I’m looking forward to Richard playing one in The Man From Rome. I’ve not read the book yet (don’t know if I ever will) and I understand Father Quart does not wear a cassock but maybe he will at least wear a clerical collar just as in the image above? I’ll be happy with that too. By the way, I don’t think that’s Richard in that picture, do you? In any case, I’m glad the project really seems to be happening now.

Fun item number two: Julie Delpy shared this on her Instagram and I’m totally with her on that!

I’ve been volunteering at a Dutch centre for refugees, doing walk-in consultations where I help refuguees with paperwork and admin stuff (soooo much paperwork! Even confusing to me sometimes and I’m not a refugee, new to this country!). So far, the ones I’ve helped have been lovely. I can only do it for one afternoon a week and only recently have I been given my ”own” client from Eritrea who is a young adult, very independent and speaks Dutch well as he has been here for a few years. He doesn’t need much help, just occasional assistance, and he’s such a doll! I’m in awe of how well he is doing for one so young and how determined he is to make something of himself. I’d take 10.000 of him over any closed-minded, hard-hearted racist.

Fun item number three: I follow Mary Beard on Twitter. I quite like her, she’s a historian specializing on the Romans and makes programmes for the BBC. She shared this…

I love this idea! I know little about Boudica and I’m thinking of getting tickets to this online trial of Boudica event. It looks like a great way of making history more tangible.

Fun item number four: the final season of Lucifer is available on Netflix. Quite beautifully done, even had to wipe away a tear here or there, although I’m not sure I buy the Lucifer and Chloe plot thing that happens. I do love what happens with Amenadiel, though, and Ella is great in episodes 7 and 8 (episode 8 is nicely directed by D.B, Woodside, aka Amenadiel himself). Anyway, my absolute favourite on the show is the aforementioned D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel and he has been calling for fan art that he has been sharing on his Instagram stories and some on Twitter. And boy, are there some great talented artists out there! The ones I share here are some of my faves and all have Amenadiel in them…


And also some screenshots I took off Instagram stories…

It’s a pity Lucifer is over now but it’s good that they ended it where they did. I just wonder what D.B. will be doing next, I want to see more of him!

Been writing this inbetween work today and have now decided that both work for the week and this post are done. Time for the weekend to begin, hope you all will have a good one!

15 thoughts on “The fun stuff

    1. Yes, he’s a good one.
      Yesterday on another blog I was alerted to a piece of text that said this: ‘Quart always looked very sure of himself in his “well-cut suit, matching black silk shirt with a Roman collar, and his fine, handmade leather shoes”.’ So, on top of Richard being seemingly right for the part it also sounds like he will indeed be wearing that clerical collar! I’m so in for this one. 😊

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  1. I can’t say I am a big fan of cassocks myself but I’m sure Richard will be a very nice priest.
    I haven’t finished the last season of Lucifer yet. Oh, those fan artworks look amazing ! I tried to draw a Luci’ one even if Tom Ellis is not so easy to draw. πŸ˜‰

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  2. The prospect of the irresistible Armitage as a priest makes a very exciting tension. I am right behind you, Julie Delpy and all – exile all racists to their own small-minded island of bigotry, Your comment, that the young man from Eritrea has been in your country for several years, shows that refugees need ongoing support, and not just initially.

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    1. He came here as a minor and had a guardian but now he’s an adult, things are different and he needs to do a lot of things himself, hence the help he can get from us. πŸ™‚ And yes, support remains important for many.

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  3. Servetus

    That’s such a tricky phase. There’s a lot of discussion in social work circles in the US about how to help kids who “age out” of foster care at 18, because suddenly, if they haven’t been adopted or if there is no family to support them, there is almost *no* safety net for them, Something like a fifth of those kids become homeless immediately. So I am glad you’re there!

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