To the office!

Today, for the first time since March 2020 (18 months ago!), I went to the office. It’s a new office, open since yesterday as our support services moved to a new location over the summer. We now inhabit two floors in a high rise building with some great views over the city.

I was there for about 4 hours today and it was still pretty quiet. Not everything’s unpacked or hooked up yet but it did all look great and the location even shaves about 10 minutes off my commute time, which is cool. Work will be in hybrid form from now on: working from home a lot of the time with occasional travel to the office. As long as I don’t have to travel during rush hour (especially morning rush hour) I’m good with that.

It was weird talking to colleagues in person again, and I’ve got to say that I still need to get used to that, but it wasn’t so bad being there today. Once people get the hang of it and all start coming in, it will be quite overwhelming and probably too noisy (a LOT of open plan work spaces). So, no more than a few hours a week at the office for me, I hope. I think I still prefer working from my ‘home office’ for most of the time.

13 thoughts on “To the office!

  1. Beautiful town, beautiful buildings!
    “Relax, Take it easy!” sang Mika.
    All night long today now on duty at work and regurlary 62 hours per week out of home has been my actual challenge, since August 15th… so take black chocolate, bananas or magnesium pills, it helps. 🙂

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    1. Yes, during my 4 hours there I actually had 2 Teams meetings as well as one physical one. The whole office is geared towards hybrid work. I think they said something like 280 work spaces for 750 people? Not everyone could come in to work even if they wanted to. Glad it’s working for your husband. 😊


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