The latest RA mini interview

Guylty shared on her blog a guest post by ”Fan X” who so generously bid on and won the Guy of Gisborne jacket during the recent birthday auction. It’s a lovely post, makes me happy the jacket was won by a fan but also by someone who really appreciates what hospice care means. Fandom and personal experience combine to get such a great result for the LOROS charity, best of all worlds, I’d say!

In addition to the personal stories, the fan also had some questions for Richard and lo and behold, he has actually answered them… himself… personally on Twitter, in a sort of mini-interview! What is the world coming to? I decided to screenshot his replies because, well, you just never know.

So, he has (parts of) Richard III memorized and that horse story – I think I may have heard it before sometime? Fun story. I’d need to rewatch that part of The Stranger again, to see what it is exactly that Richard’s character Adam tells Johanna. And his tweets show that, even if he rarely reads anything written about himself, he’s apparently still reading (some of?) Guylty’s blog. I wonder how long he will keep that up. Then again, I suspect on occasion (maybe between jobs?) he reads more than we think he does.

It’s been a little surprising to see Richard answer some fan questions directly. I wonder if this recent activity (donating the jacket, that birthday video where he addresses his fans, now answering fan questions) will mean a shift in him reacting to fans more or is it just a temporary thing because he turned 50? Time will tell…

16 thoughts on “The latest RA mini interview

  1. The Fan X questions were fabulous! Great that she took the time to share her thoughts and insights and really grand that she connected with Guy’s jacket through her experience with hospice.
    Great idea to snapshot his tweet replies
    I love his enthusiasm in the tweets sweet and kind and funny ❤️🤗

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      1. The Russian subs must have messed up the metadata because it took me quite a while to find it, too. It’s possible the original has been deleted. The entire context has disappeared but I feel like this was an interview done at or after a party or something? I remember thinking early on that he’d had a glass of wine or some other kind of “excitement” before doing it.

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        1. It fills me with dread when this happens at what else of his archive is disappearing. (I have been enjoying our delayed conversation, it reminds of comedy sketches where one person replies to a question by giving an answer to a previous question!)

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          1. LOL!

            it bugs me, too, and it’s an issue for me as I have had classes in archiving. It’s a thing I could do. It’s just not something I’ve ever wanted to do because it’s too much like work. I’ve got my own personal little archive, but so far my desire to enjoy has not succumbed to my desire to maintain a historical record.

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  2. RA answering those questions is a real feelgood story. Very nice added value, I think.
    BTW, I don’t think RA “still reads” my blog – or ever has or ever will. He said it himself, he doesn’t up about himself. Phew, glad to hear that. Those blogs are really not for *him* 😬

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