Five days ago was my 7th blogiversary. I always forget when exactly but then at some point in September I think, “Oh right, isn’t my blogiversary sometime around now?” Just looked it up: the 6th of september 2014 is when I truly started this blogging journey and so far I have never regretted it. On to more!

Yesterday was another anniversary: Colin Firth’s 61st birthday. He’s turning into a silver fox. Many happy returns to him!

The most notable anniversay is the one today, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in New York City. Of course, I too remember where I was when they happened, visiting my parents for an afternoon during my maternity leave. My son was two months old…

… and I remember looking on in horror and being grateful that my baby was too young to understand the terror we were witnessing live on CNN. The fact that he needed care and attention and love helped to keep us somewhat grounded on what I remember as a very frightening and surreal day, even if we were a continent away. The effects of these attacks are still very much felt today, my children don’t know a world before 9/11.

May we one day all be wise enough in this world to find peace.

26 thoughts on “Anniversaries

      1. It’s been non-stop here on TV, radio, and internet. Which is in no way surprising and I’m not critical of the fact that it happens, just not able to deal.

        And then one night this week while I was trying to avoid it I turned on the new “American Crime Story” which is about Monica Lewinsky and the Bill Clinton impeachment. Couldn’t handle that either. (People who are saying it’s nostalgic are nuts imo. Or maybe it’s that i have no nostalgia for that episode or that particular year.) Soon I will be restricted to non-stop cooking shows and Star Trek reruns.

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          1. I don’t know, either. It *looks* a lot like the 1990s. I also think the makers (and Lewinsky is apparently a producer) are clearly pro-Clinton and that also plays a role. Like “if only this ridiculous stuff hadn’t happened.” Maybe nostalgia for a Democratic Party that had a clearer position and more unity? I did watch the first episode and the tendency is to make Linda Tripp the villain and boy, would I ever not tell the story that way any more.

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    1. Teuchter

      An especially sad day for our family as my granddaughters 30 year old husband was killed on this day three years ago.
      The memories of 9/11 are deeply imprinted on our minds therefore for more than one reason 🥲

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  1. September, month of anniversaries ( I was born in september).
    I felt quite emotionnal yesterday even I tried to avoid the commemorative thing. I remember where I was on this day, too. It happened during my maternity leave, when I was visiting my grandma with my 2 months old daughter — it sounds pretty familiar. I heard the news on the radio, in the car and could not believe it at first… Then, I came at my parents house, saw the images on TV.
    It’s a special feeling, this year, with the Bataclan terror attack trial beginning.

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  2. aradaghast

    Un anniversaire heureux doit être fêter mais le 11 septembre est un jour noir dans la mémoire
    Une sage femme racontait qu’avec les médecins gynécologues ils ont pris la décision d’arrêter le visionnage des actualités à la télévision. Car le spectacle des 2 tours en feu bloquait les accouchements. Incroyable!
    Ces commémorations sont traumatisantes, à l’heure où les talibans peuvent reprendre le pouvoir, “grâce” au départ irresponsable des militaires. Sad days, sad news, sad memories.

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  3. Happy blogiversary!

    The other anniversary is of course much more somber. I was on mat leave, too. My younger son was not quite 3 weeks old. My mum was staying with us and had the TV on as my 6-year old was getting ready for school. He drew pictures about it at school that day.

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