Rest of #RA50Auctions are live!

After a lot of hassle with Ebay, Guylty has managed to persuade them to allow the rest of the auctions to go live as well. Kudos to her! The party already began with the Guy of Gisborne leather jacket going on sale two days ago (bidding price is at €4.450,- right now 😲) and now it’s on to bidding on the rest of the items, if you can and want to. Let the fun begin!

Check out what’s on offer HERE.

I have donated one last set of Richard Armitage characters playing cards to this special auction in celebration of his 50th birthday, the same set I had donated to the Christmas auctions last year. This really and truly is the last available set (I have no secret stash of sets left), so if you’re interested, it’s the last chance to snap these up on Ebay. Good luck and happy bidding if you are so inclined.

As for me, I am now off to see if I can snag one of the other awesome items for myself. Do I hedge my bets or put all my money on one item? Ah, choices, choices…

10 thoughts on “Rest of #RA50Auctions are live!

    1. I did but alas must admit defeat on most items I initially had my eyes on. I now need to pick and choose, which means it’s all going so well that LOROS will receive a great amount. πŸ™‚

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