Au revoir

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting these coming two and a half weeks. Tomorrow (or rather, today, as it’s after midnight) Mr Esther, mini me and I will be driving to France for our summer holidays. We’ll be staying in Paris for two nights, after that we go to a holiday cottage near Nantes for two weeks and on our way back home we’ll stop in Paris again for another night there. I’m sure I’ll be online and posting some holiday pictures now and again but other than that I suspect I’ll not be very chatty on other blogs or social media.

I will make sure to try to check in on the Richard Armitage birthday auctions starting on Sunday, though. Guylty has given a lovely detailed description of Guy of Gisborne’s leather jacket and today has written a teaser for some other items that will be going up for auction! As mentioned by Guylty, I have contributed another Richard Armitage characters card game. I had two sets made specifically for these charity auctions; one sold last year Christmas and the one that is coming up for auction now will truly be the very last one on offer. Hope it will fetch a good price again.

Back to our holiday: suitcases are packed, snacks and drinks for on the road are good to go, camera batteries are charging, passports are packed, our Corona check apps are up-to-date so that we can prove that we have been vaccinated, face masks are packed, the neighbour has had instructions on cat care (she’ll be taking care of our cats, like she does every year, until Junior comes home from his holiday in Portugal in 10 days time), the house is in reasonable tidiness and the laptop will be packed in a few minutes right after I post this.

It’s just after 1 am now. I’m off to bed in a few and in about 15 or 16 hours we’ll be in Paris. I’m so excited to really be travelling again and actually leaving the country!

Au revoir et à bientôt!

32 thoughts on “Au revoir

    1. aradaghast

      Including Notre Dame de Paris burnt and without roof, you need to take new pictures. I did last month. Paris sous la pluie sans touriste de provenances lointaines c’est l’idéal.
      All the museum are closed on Tuesday.

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      1. We won’t be here that long, so no problem with the museums 🙂. For walking around all day I prefer no rain. It’s been hot here today, though, which is not ideal for climbing the steps to the Sacre Coeur… 🤪

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    1. aradaghast

      And “Château des ducs de Bretagne” with Nantes history Museum, lot of exhibiting of interest like slavery too.
      I was named after “Britany Duchess A”

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  1. Enjoy Paris, Esther, and your holiday later on. Well earned after a year of virtual imprisonment! Hope you’ll tune in to see how your fabulous contributions to the fundraiser will be doing 🤗

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