This is it!

In two weeks time the RA birthday auctions are happening in celebration of Richard Armitage’s 50th birthday. Today Guylty has revealed on her blog what the item is that Richard himself sent to her as his contribution to the auction and it is awesome. So, tadaaaaa…

Incredibly, it is actually this Guy of Gisborne black leather jacket!

Wow!! And yes, that gif is actual footage of Richard taking off the jacket to send it to Guylty. He’s looking quite pleased with himself, as he should be. 😉

This won’t be within my budget, I don’t think, but I really hope it will fetch an excellent price. Online I found a knock off that is sold for £97,-, the original must fetch much more, right? Oh man, thank you Richard for this donation and I am really curious to see how it will do.

This auction will be the biggest yet and for now all I can do is spread the word. So, if you want to own Guy of Gisborne’s sexy leather jacket as worn by Richard Armitage in the 2006-2009 Robin Hood BBC TV series, join in the auction from August 15th! Watch Guylty’s Twitter and/or blog for any and all #RA50Auctions updates and happy bidding if you are so inclined.

5 thoughts on “This is it!

  1. Yay, now that is a wonderful boost, both from you for sharing, and from Mr A for his contribution. So cool to have his item in the auctions – and there is so much more wonderful stuff up for grabs as well. Thanks for sharing!!!

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      1. He’s really throwing everything at it right now, the dear man!!! What a generous gesture. He really has the heart in the right place. *As* do all other participants of the fundraiser, whether they donated money/items, or crafted, or followed and talked about it. It’s going to be a biggie 😀

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        1. Servetus

          Well, to be fair: I wouldn’t have bid on the item at all if he hadn’t done this. I don’t expect to win but I imagine I will bid now. If you donate a huge item that a lot of people would die to own (that is likely to go for a high sum, although maybe not as much as it would have five years ago) and don’t do something like this, you’re essentially milking your fans for donations. Given that the beneficiary is an institution that took care of his mother, if he hadn’t participated, he would have looked like a serious exploiter of the fandom. As skeptical as I am of the “Richard is so perfect” narrative, I don’t think he’s quite in that category.

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          1. It’s a big incentive, no doubt, and will push both general interest and individual bids. And it is like you say – it is not just a token participation that could be mistaken as exploitation.
            Hehe, no, far from perfect. Human, like all of us, too.

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