On Thursday Guylty announced the yearly auction that is coming up in a month for Richard Armitage’s (50th) birthday and then a few hours ago Richard tweeted this!

(Note: glad I took a screenshot of this tweet as it has now been deleted again)

Richard lurks and reads more than we may think, I conclude not for the first time, and I am excited that he even has something to offer for this year’s auction! It looks like he has been in touch with Guylty (are you still breathing, S?) and a surprise item is making its way to her. What will it be? I am so curious!

I really enjoy the yearly auction time and the excitement surrounding that. This year, however, I probably won’t be able to follow as closely as usual because I’ll be away on holiday in France by the time the auction starts. I was already curious to find out how the few items I donated will be doing and what other items are on offer, but now, with an actual item sent in by the man himself, I will try even harder (inbetween holiday daytrips) to follow the auction as best as I can from France. I also hope our holiday cottage wifi will be good enough. This is promising to become the most spectacular RA birthday auction yet. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Curious!

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  2. i was online when he tweeted that yesterday (hehe and the first to point him towards G) ,it was such a lovely tweet to see (though he’s since deleted it, I guess as it served it’s purpose) . There will be much fun imagining what he’s going to be donating! and i imagine the bidding may go a bit bonkers this year too lol

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    1. Yes! I saw it all about 5 hours later and thankfully took that screenshot because right after I posted this I saw the tweet had gone again (and I added my note). It was sweet reading all the enthusiasm for Guylty’s auction in the replies, including yours. 😊

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  3. It is just the most exciting thing and it is wonderful that Richard has reached out to Guylty. after all the years of her organising RA happenings. It intrigues me why he made the shout-out tweet because it would be easy to find Guylty’s Twitter contact. Perhaps it was a subtle promotion of the auction to raise funds.
    Oh. Esther, I hope you get wifi at your holiday home! Have you got a wifi booster?

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    1. I was thinking that too, that it was subtle promotion and making sure everyone knows that item really comes from him, no hoax.
      Wifi – we’ll figure it out. It’ll be either that or we’ll use mobile data or find a Starbucks in Nantes and camp out there. 😉 Mini me needs it too. It’ll probably mostly be a thing that I’ll have less computer time.

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  5. Yay, thank you for summarising it all, Esther, including a screen shot. 😉 Mind you, I know it‘s real, I have the proof in my DMs 😂. But yes, entirely unexpected, and all the better for it. And of course I have been wondering, too, how he got wind of it. As usual, no-pressure-Guylty did not tag him in my announcement post and also didn‘t tweet at him. Maybe someone else tagged him in? Well, no matter, what counts is that he reached out. I am glad for all of us, because it means he volunteered to contribute. He‘s just a good guy…

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    1. He really is a good guy and I love that he reached out to you for this, no matter how he got wind of it. Even Mr E had a huge grin on his face when I told him about this. I’m terribly curious to find out what that item he’ll be sending in… it’s all very exciting. 🙂


      1. In some respects, it‘s a long time coming 😊. He has slowly approached – first a „like“, then a thank you tweet, now a contribution. It is really nice to see that even fandom outsiders (like the long-suffering husbands) are happy for us. Mr Guylty also had nothing snarky to add 🥳

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