Victories, tennis discoveries, and holidays

Last week’s victories

One: On Sunday I got my second Covid vaccination and it feels like such a relief!

Two: My sister in law (well, not officially, but she is my younger sister’s awesome partner) has an autoimmune disease and it was uncertain whether she could even develop Covid-19 antibodies. She’s had two vaccinations and was tested earlier this week and it turns out the vaccination has indeed worked for her and she does have the antibodies now. Yay!

Three: after broad consideration and lengthy discussions my son has decided on a gap year once he receives his diploma in September and we fully support it. He is proactive about it too, has made an initial plan, and we are proud of his ability to follow his gut and do what’s right for him. It was a really hard sell for my mother and aunt, who had all sorts of opinions on it, and then it also became a whole big thing with my mother on other fronts not to do with my son. This has cost me an inordinate amount of energy last week, on top of being ill with the flu, but after a lot of reassurance and explaining, all is right with the world again and I am feeling better (flu-wise and mother-wise). Most importantly, though, my son’s choices have been accepted, which I hope will counteract any possible negative family gossip.

Tennis discoveries

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been following what I could of Wimbledon these past few weeks and there is some really exciting new young tennis talent coming up! I was especially struck by the 18 year old English player Emma Raducanu, who made an impressive Wimbledon debut but had to pull out.

I also loved the 17 year old American quarter finalist Coco Gauff, who had aleady impressed at age 15 two years ago (so, technically not a new discovery for me) and who is only two days younger than my niece in London…

The 25 year old Australian Ashleigh Barty, who won the women’s singles title this year, has also wormed herself into my heart. I probably should know her as she’s the number 1 female tennis player, but I’ve been out of it with the tennis for a long time and didn’t know her before Wimbledon. Now I do and I hope she’ll win more as well.

With the men, the new ones (to me) were the 25 year old Italian Wimbledon runner up Matteo Berrettini who was impressive…

… as was 20 year old Canadian Felix Auger Aliassime (who lost to Berrettini in the quarter final).

And 24 year old Polish player Hubert Hurkacz impressed by beating Roger Federer in the quarter final in three sets, winning the last set 6-0!

I think it’s time to dip back into following tennis more again (a long time ago I used to do so avidly). Now that these awesome young players are coming in, I feel a sense of excitement coming back into the sport for me and it will hopefully not only be the same ones winning all the matches anymore (although, don’t get me wrong, I love Roger Federer and I always root for him). They could all theoretically be my children, especially the younger players (Raducanu, Gauff and Auger Aliassime) who are the age of my own kids. Yikes, I’m really old.


As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, we have plans to go to France for our summer holidays in a month. We were doing really well here with our Covid numbers and then our government let go of many restrictions, and WHAM! Covid infections are on a steep rise again!


65% of the Dutch population has received one dose of vaccination and about 39% is fully vaccinated but by far not enough people are protected yet. So, the infection numbers are sky-rocketing, especially amongst younger people who have been going out en-masse to discos and nightclubs where most of the infections have been happening. Last Friday during an emergency press conference some restrictions have been put back into place. This sky-rocketing of cases means that our country may become ‘red’ in Europe, which in turn means that travel restrictions for the Dutch may be tightened and this whole France holiday we have planned may have to be canceled. I really hope not, I really hope infections will drastically fall again, and I really hope we can still go on our socially distanced holiday as planned… I love my house, am comfortable in it, but I so need that break abroad. Fingers crossed.

16 thoughts on “Victories, tennis discoveries, and holidays

  1. Esther I hope you all can go to France too!
    I miss tennis a lot. I watched it avidly in the 80s 90s and the rise of The Williams sisters. I love Roger Federer too! But changing of the guard is inevitable πŸ˜„

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    1. I started watching in the mid 80s when we were living in Germany and Boris Becker and Steffi Graf were all the hype. I used to have a crush on a Swedish player called Mats Wilander. πŸ™‚

      Have you ever seen this little bit of classic Steffi Graf?

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        1. Boris does the BBC commentary at Wimbledon now (I liked him enough but never loved him) and Mats is a tennis commentator on Eurosport I discovered recently when I switched to that channel a little while ago to see some French Open coverage. πŸ™‚

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      1. Congrats on the vaccines and the acceptance of your son’s decision. Hope ir goes well and that ypu get to France and back. I’m not really into tennis but like listening to the gentle plop plop, urghh, in the background, while working. I do pay attention when Djokovic is playing though, he reminds me of RA in profile.

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  2. I am glad your son could figure out some stuff and that’s all well again with the family and your health.
    I also keep my fingers crossed for your vacation in France!
    Ah, WImbledon. It’s been ages since I saw a tennis match, but like you at some point in my life I follwed the tennis circus avidly and would even get up at night to watch the finale of some tournaments in the US or down under…..good memories πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Herba.
      I used to do that on occasion as well, stay up at night in my late teens/early twenties for tennis. πŸ™‚ Nowadays I try to at least see some of Wimbledon and maybe the French Open if I can.

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  3. aradaghast

    After your second Covid vaccination, you can acquire a vaccination passport. Apparently this would facilitate travel. Remains the presentation of a recent negative PCR test on your arrival. The screening obligation also applies to vaccinated people.
    There remains the risk of 10 days in quarantine, if you come from a very high risk area.
    The government will rule according to medical news.

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    1. Thanks, A, we already follow the news closely about what is reqired for entry into France. We already have the app for the vaccination passport downloaded. The problem was not so much for my husband and me (our vaccines will be more than 2 weeks old when we leave) but for my daughter. Her second vaccine will only be 3 days old when we leave, so not valid yet for a vaccine passport. We heard yesterday evening that if you’re under 18 (she’s 17) you don’t need the passport yet for travel to France until the end of August (and by the end of August her vaccine passport will become valid). So, for now, we’re good with the entry rules.
      As for a 10 day quarantine – we’ll have to wait and see about that.


  4. Servetus

    It’s good to have close family relationships and the costs of them are sometimes annoying. I’m glad you “sold” everyone on your son’s plan. The older I get, the odder it seems to me that humans are supposed to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives at such young ages. (My niece, who was going to university to study nursing in September, has also recently withdrawn her registration. Unfortunately the job she had lined up evaporated right after she completed orientation for it — the contractor that was paying her lost its federal contract — but I don’t think she’ll have a hard time in this job market finding something.) It’s not such a bad thing to delay a little as long as you’re not spending all your days on the sofa, which it sounds like your son is not.

    re: Becker — I have two dominating memories of him. One is the first Wimbledon win — I was standing in the kitchen making potato salad when he won and remember thinking I hadn’t done anything with my life. He’s two years older than me; and all the nonsense with Anna Ermakova.

    re: new players — I have felt this year particularly like I don’t know who any of the players are (the last time I watched a decent amount was about a decade ago, when I had a good friend who’d invite me over to make dinner and watch a match). But like you I think that has to be a good thing. The first matches I really remember watching with interest were the Borg / McEnroe duels of nerves in the late 70s / early 80s. And then I got drawn into Jimmy Connors’ US Open performance in the fall of 1991. But a lot of times when it’s the same names over and again, I have lost interest.

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    1. “The older I get, the odder it seems to me that humans are supposed to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives at such young ages.” – Excacly that! And no, he is indeed not lazing away, the hotel he worked at for his internship really wanted him back badly (which tells you something about his work ethic) and he signed a 6 month contract from September. He’ll figure stuff out, he just needs time.

      Yeah, it can not be denied that Anna Ermakova is Becker’s daughter, she looks so much like him.

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  5. Fringers crossed but it seems that it will be ok to come here in France, even with the new restrictions since you are vaccinated and your daughter is under 18.
    About your son : It’s a real good choice. My daughter could not decide after ending school what she wanted to do. High school had been a long and painful journey for her, she even thought of dropping school before graduating. After graduation, she took a year off ( last year, the Covid year). She tried a few jobs, worked in a bookstore, and …. decided to go back studying Sociology at university.

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