An abundance of Richards

The Uncle Vanya film is being promoted and suddenly there are little interviews with Richard Armitage popping up everywhere. I just saw this one (thank you Astrovian on Tumblr for the shot and transcript!). I love that the questions are famous movie quotes, even if I don’t recognize them all…

Earlier this week there was a Metro “Sixty Seconds” interview and Guylty very helpully provided a picture of the Radio Times interview that also appeared. Linking to the picture of that interview on her blog here (which embeds nicely as an image, click to enlarge).

There’s a lot in these interviews that I already know about Richard but there are a few things I did learn…

  • A while back he also said something about being influenced by the moon? Yeah, that apparently wasn’t a fluke.
  • I think I read somewhere before about him having his chart made as well? Not my thing but hope it’s helpful to him.
  • He’s still self-deprecating about his talent and his body.
  • He gave up drinking during lockdown. Even Pinot Noir? Now that’s a shame. 🍷
  • I like that he mentions getting a new haircut after he finishes playing a character so that he can leave that character behind.
  • An actual mention of something he wants to produce: The Taking of Annie Thorne by CJ Tudor. Another thriller, I take it from reading the synopsis, by a ‘female Stephen King’? Could be alright, but not normally my genre.
  • He says in the Radio Times interview, “In another universe there is a version of me that is a light-hearted, comedic actor in romcoms”. Maybe he can transfer a bit of that universe to this universe with his production company? I could totally see him as Professor Don Tillman (who looks a bit like Gregory Peck, Richard could totally pull that off!) from The Rosie Project. Don even bikes everywhere and Richard sure has experience with that…
  • He might want to go back to musical theatre? That’s a bold claim, considering he’s been on record saying that wasn’t for him anymore.
  • He looks raggle-taggle while going out. Like this? I wouldn’t mind running into that.
  • He likes cheese sandwiches? He should come to my country, then, so many great varieties of cheese to choose from! I’d be happy to guide him, we have gorgeous little cheese shops in my home town. And they go well with Pinot Noir too. Just sayin’…

Ah, it’s no nice to see some new interviews with the man, it totally makes my week.

7 thoughts on “An abundance of Richards

  1. aradaghast

    Here, the promotion of the movie “My Zoe” (which hits the big screen on June 30) is in full swing. Julie Delpy comes out in the best media, at the best viewing times. Hope this bodes well for future good reviews and good audiences.I sêculate that Richard Armitage could reveal himself to basic French cinephiles…

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  2. Servetus

    He read the audiobook of “Annie Thorne.” I listened to (iirc) three discs of it before taking it back to the library. Alternately disgusting and boring.

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      1. Servetus

        I guess after seeing “The Lodge” I can’t say I have any boundaries any more, but I would see it at best reluctantly. The main character is also wildly unlikeable.

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