Venturing out more again

It’s going well here with the Corona crisis and vaccinations make it possible for people to move more freely now. This means that larger events are possible again and travel has also opened up. I’m chomping at the bit for travel, so we bit the bullet last weekend and just went ahead and booked our summer holiday. Eek!

We don’t dare to fly yet but one of the good things about living in Europe, and also living in a small country, is that you don’t have to drive far to go abroad. We also wanted something self-contained so that we can easily social distance. Junior isn’t coming with us, he is holidaying with his girlfriend, so it’s just the three of us. We booked a cottage to the north-west of Nantes, right near Brittany, in France for two weeks from mid to end August.

France requires from EU citizens either a recent negative Corona test before entry or a full vaccination that is two weeks or older. Mr Esther and I will have the full vaccination, mini me will only have received her second vaccination 3 days before we leave, so she will need to test right before we go. As we only drive through Belgium and won’t be there for more than 48 hours we won’t have to do anything special there.

Anyway, we felt we got a pretty good deal on that cottage for the middle of summer, so decided to also book two days in a hotel in Paris before that. Mini me really wanted that stopover in Paris (about 5 hours drive for us) as the last time we were there (for one day, during another summer holiday) she was 4 and a half years old and she barely remembers it…

We have a little time yet to get used to the idea of feeling brave enough to travel again and we can also cancel the trip without losing money up to a week before we leave, so that gives us a little peace of mind.

It’s not only the planned August holiday that will have me venturing out more again. Yesterday evening in the parents’ chat group of my daughter’s football team it was suggested we go to a live match the Dutch national women’s football team will be playing on Saturday, July 3rd. It’ll be a practice match against South Africa about an hour an a half away. Our Dutch women’s team is very good, they won the European Championships in 2017 and came in second (losing to the US) in the World Championships in 2019.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for this plan and I admit, the outing appealed to me as well. They needed parents to drive, so I volunteered and will be going as well. My daughter is a little dismayed as she doesn’t want me interfering with her enjoying the day with her team mates but I promised I’d keep a low profile and stick with the other parents. And oh my goodness, do I even remember how to still be social around other parents? We’ll see. We need to show a recent negative Covid test before being allowed to enter the stadium, so mini me and I have a testing appointment next week Friday afternoon. So far, I haven’t needed to Covid test before (the only one of the four of us who hasn’t had to) so I need to work up a little bravery to tolerate that swab up my nose.

It feels weird to be making these venturing out more plans but it also feels good that life can be picked up again somewhat.

15 thoughts on “Venturing out more again

      1. Yes unfortunately you are right. Perhaps next year. I had wanted to travel in late September somewhere but now because flying is so iffy and if there is another variant on the loose I will only go see my dad and sister in Texas at Cmas

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  1. aradaghast

    🙂 Some advices for holidays:
    You could read Lady Butterfly’s blog to find pictures around east-north Nantes : Erdre…
    You would highway drive one kilometer south far from the place I shall work back in, after summer holidays.. Often tourists have a break in Le Mans to discover: “The Gallo-Roman Walls of the City of Le Mans”, the old medieval city with the cathedral…
    So not in an unknown empty fans’areas.!

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    1. Oh, yes, I do read Lady Butterfly’s blog and see those pictures, so I am aware. 🙂
      I’m not sure we’ll stop in Le Mans this time, we’ve already been there. It’s beautiful, though.

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    2. I saw that I had mentioned the location wrong! I said north east of Nantes when I meant north west of Nantes. I am so very bad at telling left and right apart and apparently also at telling east and west apart. Anyway, I corrected it in my blog text but we’ll be farther away from Le Mans than you may initiallly have thought.

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