The weekend is here…

… and we even were able to all have dinner together at the same time with no kids’ jobs or handball practice or soccer practice interfering. After dinner we walked to a nearby diner to get an ice cream (it’s been pretty warm here)…

… then walked back home again, with the cats awaiting us. Amitzah was playful and Effoh was watchful, hiding in our front garden to observe a passing dog in detail from his safe spot…

And me? I’m smiling, glad that the working week is over and trying to savour these small family moments for as long as they’ll last.

4 thoughts on “The weekend is here…

  1. Sounds so much like summer – walk to the ice cream place for an ice cream. I love when the days are so long… Yet midsummer is approaching fast 😦 Enjoy it while you can!

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