Gugu’s interviews for Loki

I posted about my love for her before a few years ago and still Gugu Mbatha-Raw is pretty much my fave current actress. Right now she is in the news a bit more as she is starring in the new Loki TV series with Tom Hiddleston. Although I love her work I don’t know that much about her, she is very private, so it was nice to see this recent video of her telling us viewers a little more about herself…

She does it with smiles and such charm and yet, again, she does not reveal much about her private life at all. When asked about love she vaguely says it is ‘everything’, when asked about what the most romantic gesture is that she has ever received she keeps it close to the chest but does give a sweet little story of an 11 year old girl giving her roses and when asked about who she feels most privileged to have worked with she mentions her recent role of working as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Her dream role is to play Cleopatra one day which I think would be awesome too. In her interviews she seems to accept that due to being in the spotlight there is a certain expectation of revealing yourself, and she does reveal some things, looking very open, but she also knows her boundaries of what to share or not to share. She does it well and with ease again in this recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel…

And here’s another fun one she did with Wunmi Mosaku and Tom Hiddleston…

Since that post I wrote of a few years ago, I’ve seen her in some more roles (yes, she’s always good!) and now she’s in Loki, I’ll make sure to watch her in that as well. She plays a judge called Ravenna Renslayer who apparently gets in on the action as well…

I think Tom is absolutely brilliant as Loki and I was always going to watch this because of him but I confess that I am even more excited to see Gugu do her thing and hold her own in this blockbuster TV production.

6 thoughts on “Gugu’s interviews for Loki

  1. Servetus

    She’s very talented. I saw an interview with Hiddles on Good Morning America and he hasn’t changed a bit from ten years ago. Still Mr. Smiley.

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