Lunch break

Mini me, Mr Esther and I just got back from a nice little lunch break. We live near lakes and there is a restaurant just at the lake where we decided to go to for a bite to eat…

It is outdoors, but in an alcove with screens between the tables, and it overlooks the lake, a few islands and the boats that are moored there.

In other news, this week my daughter had a headache so to make sure it was nothing more than that, she took her first DIY at home Covid quick test…

It was negative, thankfully, and she felt fine again not long after. School has given out these free tests to the students so that they can test themselves at home now and again to make sure they are not infectious to others when they go to school.

Ok, back to work now for me for a few more hours to finish up some reports (bleh) before the weekend starts for real (yay!).

7 thoughts on “Lunch break

  1. Good reflex! 🙂
    But here, available in pharmacies since April 12, self-testing for Covid-19 is only recommended for asymptomatic adults and children. The authorities recommend doing this the same day or, failing that, the day before a meeting with relatives or as part of access to activities in closed spaces: catering, cinema, live shows … and on a regular basis ( bcs their rate of effectiveness is lower than PCR or nasal antigen tests).
    If there were the slightest symptom, it would be necessary to have recourse to a PCR test.

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    1. Yes, here they say asymptomatic as well and with the headache we thought it could be anything, she didn’t have a cold or anything like that. I also have these tests from my work and before I go into the office I am supposed to test myself. I haven’t been into the office yet, so so far no testing for me personally yet either. In fact, within my small family unit I am the only one who has never once needed to be tested. I used to have colds/flu symptoms 2-3x a year and yet, these past 15 months or so I haven’t had a single cold! Quarantine works really well for not getting sick at all. 🙂

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  2. Gosh I have frequent headaches mainly sinus but these diy tests are great and handy!
    Great Esther you’ve been headache free and the vertigo is now gone ❤️❤️❤️
    Glad your daughter is much better too

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