Mini solar eclipse

We’re in our back garden right now, looking at a mini solar eclipse. Mr Esther had some solar eclipse shades at the ready in a drawer and took this picture just now through those shades…

The eclipse is at its maximum now, right on time during my lunch break. We only get to see a little chip off the sun, in Greenland a complete eclipse is visible. From here, it looks a bit like a Pacman in the sky. Yes, this is a fun little interlude to my day. 😎

6 thoughts on “Mini solar eclipse

  1. Servetus

    It was supposed to be visible here, but I spent some extra time blocking off the east window in my bedroom so I wouldn’t see it accidentally. LOL.

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    1. Didn’t you want to see it, accidentally or not? It was such a little bite out of the sun that it wasn’t noticeable here unless you really looked at the sun (with glasses).

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