I finished my work video call this morning (the only one planned for today) and then came outside to work as it looks like summer has come to The Netherlands. My office view this morning (including mini-me and Mr E)…

Mr Esther was working in our back garden yesterday and our neighbour’s ginger cat had made himself comfortable there as well…

Anyway, I’m on a lunch break now, writing this post, originally to just share the pictures above but then, after logging into my blog and Twitter accounts this morning and seeing the reactions on my previous post on residential schools, I want to reference that as well. Apparently the post struck a nerve, especially with the Anne with an E fandom that is liking and retweeting my tweet a lot (I’m not used to that amount of engagement on Twitter). I’ve also been getting a few great reading and viewing suggestions in the comments of my blog post, so check them out there if you are so inclined. I see that I have some homework to do. Also, on Twitter two more suggestions came up.

Antonella suggested this viewing of a similar story set in Sweden (I have never heard of Sámis before)…

… and Vaudree on Twitter shared this song with me which gave me goosebumps…

All of this is making me feel a little contemplative today. It’s a good thing I am sitting in a green and peaceful garden, it fits with the mood, but also makes me realize yet again how extremely privileged I am in my life.

10 thoughts on “Contemplative

  1. What a beautiful spot to work from, Esther. Does it help your productivity? 😉 I am sure it helps your mood, in any case, even when still thinking about the horrible injustices your previous post referred to.

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    1. Yeah, my focus isn’t all there today. It’s Friday afternoon to boot… but I do still need to get a few things done before I can call it a day and celebrate the weekend. I’ll try. 🙂


        1. Esther your garden looks so tranquil and what a nice treat with your visitor! I love your outdoor furniture too very posh! ❤️
          Your last post was a bit too heavy for me to comment. Not enough sleep lately and too many work related issues but as always your posts are well written and heartfelt 🤗

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          1. Outdoor furniture not as posh as it may look. All hand me downs or things we got for free.
            That’s fine on not commenting, there really is no need to reply to everything, I’m more than fine with just lurking. Oh, and take care of yourself!

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        2. Yeah, I’m cheating and quitting early. Mr E and mini me have asked me to come with them for drinks and maybe some food somewhere. Will finish off the rest at the end of the afternoon/evening when I get back and when mini me needs to go to work.


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