Last week I saw Herba’s reminder to do something with asparagus for the latest Mach’ was challenge. I am not a cook and although I do like to eat asparagus, we don’t really cook that much at home with asparagus, so I have no recipes to share. However, due to this challenge, asparagus has really entered my consciousness this past week.

We ate out twice in the past week, once on a Saturday and then again on Monday, when it was a holiday here (Pentecost) and both times green asparagus was served with our meals. I don’t know how they seasoned it but especially the grilled asparagus in the picture on the left was truly delicious.

Yesterday at the supermarket there was a whole asparagus display…

… and in the evening an abbreviated version of this asparagus ad was shown on Dutch television. You’ll have to click “watch on YouTube” to see the whole commercial…

… and it might be worth it, just for this little suggestive blink and you’ll miss it moment…

I think I am seeing asparagus in a whole new light now.

12 thoughts on “Asparagus

  1. We don’t get white asparagus here sadly, but I’ve recently enjoyed some asparagus that chap bought from the market. I just pan fry with with oil, garlic and some salt and pepper seasoning 😊

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