Peace, when?

My heart breaks over the news coming out of Israel & the Palestinian territories right now. The Sheikh Jarrah situation was the spark that ignited the current violence, an unrest that is always simmering beneath the surface, and current Israeli extremist leadership (i.e. Netanyahu) only exacerbates an already volatile situation. My whole life, when I lived there and after, I have been wishing for peace and it still feels as far away as ever.

(Picture I took while visiting Israel and the West Bank in November of 2008).

More than 70 years of this conflict and no end in sight. When will it be enough?

12 thoughts on “Peace, when?

  1. It is such a tragedy. The pictures I have seen over the last couple of days, are just heart-breaking. I haven‘t really followed the international reactions to the current outbreak of conflict, but over here in Ireland, the government called in the Israeli ambassador to declare their criticism of Israeli violence.

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        1. Greeting Guylty, would you favor “international pressure” on your country? Israel does not exist as a colony of foreign countries. It won its national independence in 1948 to exercise its own rule of Jewish homelands … independent from foreign alien nations who attempt to intervene in Israeli domestic affairs.


    1. Can’t watch the video now, am on the road, will do so later. But I often think of this joke (a popular one, maybe you know it):
      “God asked Moses which country he wished to choose as the Jewish homeland, Moses was going to say Canada. Being a stutterer he began with… na…na … nan .. , which God mistook for Canaan”.
      There would be a lot more space there…

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  2. Servetus

    First Nations people might have something to say about it, though. Theodor Herzl had proposed moving European Jews to Uganda in the early 1900s, and one phase of the Final Solution involved a proposal to relocate the German Jews to Madagascar. The European Jews really should have been able to stay in Europe. (But I am not a Zionist.)

    The vid is just a popular song from the 60s on this topic.

    Right now I think Netanyahu benefits way too much from this situation to de-escalate. Every day this persists gives him more power in any coalition government that might form (or creates a situation in which there’ll have to be another election — and if he heads the government he stays out of jail). Biden is not going to get all that involved in interfering because this is a powderkeg issue in US politics and he’s trying to pass his infrastructure plan. Any violence ultimately benefits Hamas by keeping the issue in the news. The Israelis rage that they’re not safe, and the Palestinians suffer.

    My black humor joke: where’s Jared Kushner when we need him?

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    1. Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how much I do not miss that family in the White House.

      Yeah, I know that just placing the problem elsewhere is not a solution. If only there were no persecution and hatred in the world, there would be no need for a Jewish safe haven..
      Watched the video, that song is new to me. Thanks for sharing!


      1. Servetus

        Interestingly, I heard yesterday on a news commentary program that DJT’s approval ratings have dropped 10% since he left office. I think there must be an effect related to him not being the first item in the news all the time. (And also, I think, the fact that everything we hear about him now is politics rather than actual policy.)

        The song: it was originally an anti-Vietnam War song, but I take away mostly the point that there are always armchair warriors who survive each conflict and move on to the next one. I learned it (I find this amusing) from my childhood babysitter.

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