But what about Anne?

Breaking news today is that Sanditon will be renewed for a season 2 and 3 after all. It was canceled but is now being brought back. I never loved it but I did like Sanditon well enough and I am happy about the return. However, I couldn’t help but have my first thought be: but what about Anne with an E?

On my birthday a month ago showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett again reiterated that Anne will not be renewed…

That’s a bitter pill in and of itself but when I hear that Sandition gets renewed and Anne does not, the pill is even more bitter. I’m jealous and I need a hug.

Maybe PBS Masterpiece could consider Anne as well? Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy for Sanditon and I will watch that with interest but it’s no Anne

15 thoughts on “But what about Anne?

    1. Thanks. 🙂
      Sanditon is a nice show, even though I felt it was sometimes too geared to audience pleasing, especially with the lead male character Sidney Parker (Darcy-esque and with obligatory sexy wet shirt scenes and all). The lead female character Charlotte was quite sweet, though. I really liked the character development of Esther Denham, she was my fave (and no, not because of the name). I didn’t like the Sanditon ending but now that a season 2 is coming, I hope that things will be resolved properly. It’s worth a watch!

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  1. Servetus

    I liked Sanditon well enough and would happily watch more of it — although I wonder how they’ll write themselves out of the previous series ending.

    re: Masterpiece — interesting suggestion. It would fit their profile. I wonder what Netflix would really want for those rights. Masterpiece has a rep for buying solid but untested projects cheaply, before they become valuable.

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      1. Servetus

        I appreciated that it wasn’t a typical happily ever after ending (I’m sure that’s not the typical response to the series, though!). The whole thing felt to me like Austen supercharged, but without the resolution that we expect (and that bugged me for a day or two on the level of me thinking, huh, that was a really strange ending, there’s gotta be more). I agree with you, though, that it felt manipulative in that it was increasingly unclear that we were being drawn to the story by the typical elements of a certain kind of ending and then were refused it. I loved the idea of Austen going to the beach (so to speak). However, I didn’t think the male lead was very good in the role, although he was good looking.

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        1. I don’t necessarily mind not having a typical happy ending (one of the reasons that makes Roman Holiday one of the best romcoms ever made) but if you do Jane Austen, then the happy ending for the leads does need to come and when that gets thwarted in this very weird way then yes, I do feel manipulated into ‘wanting’ more.
          I too liked the Austen at the beach setting, it really was something different. Then again, while this was based on the beginnings of what Austen wrote, it didn’t quite feel like Austen to me, the characters just lacked some of the spark only she could give. And yes, Sidney Parker the character but also the actor didn’t do that much for me (something around the mouth that was distracting and not in a good way for me), I think I liked James Stringer more!


          1. Servetus

            I thought about the characters off and on for a while: I think the issue is that in an Austen novel, she’s describing people she observes (with a certain amount of caustic wit). But if someone is writing what is in essence an Austen fanfic on screen, they are aping Austen. Where Austen is subtly pointing out absurdities in human character, the writers for the show are emphasizing the absurdities over the person — whose real qualities Austen never lost sight of. So I found myself thinking that the show was partially enjoyable because the writers clearly knew Austen well and all the characters she would put into a story and how she would poke at their silliness, but also for the same reason not enjoyable, because they really were caricatures of Austen characters.

            I also thought the incest theme was seriously unsubtle — a lot more like Wuthering Heights than Price and Prejudice.

            Maybe they’ll put Charlotte together with the young Stringer in the new episodes. There’s precedent for that in Austen (e.g., Harriet + Robert).

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  2. Hey, so I’m new at WordPress and I’ve just started exploring blogs that cater to my interest. In an attempt to find blog sites that would interest me, I searched for “Anne with an E” and found your WONDERFUL site the first thing. Tbh, I’m so glad I found you! (Plz bear with me as this is going to be a long comment. 😜) I’ve never been so emotionally attached to a show before, I love Anne with an E with all my heart and soul. It was a breath of fresh air, uplifted me from a bout of sadness and so much more. I’ve always noticed on YouTube and other places on the web that AWAE fandom is quite like-minded and STILL very passionate about possibly reviving the show. I feel like we can still do something about it if we put our heart and souls into it. Fan movement can atleast manage a conclusion film if it’s strong enough (just my belief). Have you signed the petition to renew the show for a season 4? http://chng.it/K2NcWyfpcm It’s currently at 1.5 million. Maybe something will improve if we can manage to get it to 3 million? Ofcourse, this can’t be done single-handedly. We’ll need to get our friends to watch the show and sign the show and they’ll tell their friends and so on. So I’m planning to write a blog about Anne with an E too, to contribute to this cause somehow, even if that isn’t going to bring any considerable change. Just a small effort. Hopefully, we’ll get to see this show again on Netflix. The ending to me didn’t feel like a full stop, but rather, like a comma. Sorry for the long message and I REALLY appreciate your patience. 🙂 #RenewAnneWithAnE

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    1. Welcome Samsahana and thank you for your heartfelt reaction! It’s always wonderful to hear of other people who enjoyed the show so much as well and what it has meant to them.

      Oh yes, I signed that petition early on and have shared it too. I made a fan video a week after each episode of Anne season 3 aired in Canada (all of them are in my “Fan video corner” at the top of this blog), I tweeted and blogged (under the Anne with an E tag here) about renewal very regularly in the first 6 or so months after cancellation and sometimes still do on occasion (like with this recent post). I know the makers are very aware of the passion this show has unleashed (I mean, there were even billboards made in an effort to renew the show!) and I even got a few fellow readers of my blog to watch it. 😉 I still very much want to believe a renewal is still possible but I’m out of ideas. I’ll gladly join in efforts to make a renewal happen. 🙂

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      1. To be very true, I’ve lost hopes at a renewal too. After all, they did make it firm and clear that the show is canceled and will not return. Just that innocent part of me wishing that a renewal could happen, or as you put it “Still want to believe.” Too unhappy with what happened to this piece of art. A concluding film, many years later (as in the case of the 1985 film Anne of Green Gables) when the actors are all old might not be entirely impossible Ig. Who knows? Show creators love surprises after all! 😉 or it would also be good if AWAE gets a new home, like Disney+. This petition for Disney+ to pick up AWAE seems to be a bit less popular. http://chng.it/sB4zVRWGYQ

        But yes, I agree with every word you said. 😊

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