Me, myself & I

Had to test something yesterday for work in Microsoft Teams, so logged in on separate accounts with my phone and my personal laptop as well. It ended up looking like this (I took a screenshot)…

Suffice it to say, I was eager to end the test.

Yesterday I also told a teamleader who I work with a lot but is not my boss that I think I need to look into doing something else, as I don’t enjoy this work anymore. My boss also knows (told her a few weeks ago). Gulp. What next?

8 thoughts on “Me, myself & I

  1. I‘m sure it‘s a good thing that you have dropped hints at work about your dissatisfaction. Something will happen, either way. Hopefully another door will open soon and you can move on to something that fulfills you more!

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  2. Servetus

    Frustrating! And I’m reminded that you managed to get yourself out of a previous situation that you didn’t like, and now you have developed all these additional skills that the right employer will know to value. I don’t suppose the people where you might find a different role for you. But I totally believe in your power to create the right situation for yourself.

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