Funny letters live

I’ve been aware of the Letters Live project for quite a while and have seen occasional letters read by actors. They were quite beautiful lengthy love letters mostly but the other day another one popped up for me, a letter written to an insurance company. I wasn’t in the mood for long letters but this one was just under 4 minutes, so I clicked on it and it just made me laugh. I spent a short amount of time watching a few other humourous letters being read and thought I’d share those here as well. I’m sure there are many more, I just stuck to these few shorter ones before moving on to other things. So, if you too are in the mood for a few quick smiles, watch these.

I don’t know Fred Allen, but apparently he was a comedian and this is the letter that made me laugh first…

This one’s a bit bizarre but very amusing…

I love me some Olivia Colman, I already smile when I just see her…

The age old debate of cats versus dogs, read by several actors and one politician…

A short and very clear letter from 1913 written by a suffragette…

And another bitingly sarcastic one by another suffragette (and the wife of Winston Churchill) from 1912…

A nice little interlude, no? Now back to other business…

7 thoughts on “Funny letters live

      1. Servetus

        We sometimes used to listen to old radio shows on cassette tape when I visited my grandparents (you could borrow them from the library — not sure if that material survives anymore). They loved Jack Benny.

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