Professional and competent

Let me lead with some personal good news before I write what I actually wanted to post about: both my kids have tested negative for Covid 19. Yay! They can go back to school again this week and pick up their outdoor sports again next week. It is all socially distanced and careful but it is something to do other than stay at home and that is a great relief for them.

In other news: is it just me, or is the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki just awesome? The way she rebutts and shuts down lies and conspiracy theories in such a clear, well informed and quick thinking way is just amazing to me.

Today I saw this…

I know nothing about this Major League Baseball thing but the way she rebuked the lie that Georgia voting law is the same as in Colorado is just awesome. She has been very clear about the new Georgia voting law before. That idiotic new law even made the news over here.

Even before all that I have been admiring the way she handles these kinds of conspiracy theories questions, like recently about some ‘secret report’…

I mean seriously, if there is valid criticism about the budget for certain policies, why do they need to be hidden in secret reports and can’t they be reported, questioned and discussed openly? I admire how she shut that one down.

Back in January during her first press briefing I already sighed a sigh of relief. The tone alone is such a change from the previous administration…

I like how she politely rejects Trump era policies and she comments on the new administration not really thinking about Trump that much. They are focussed on policy rather than personal attacks.

And if there is agreement with a former Trump policy, she will admit it…

These rebuttals even have their own hashtag on Twitter, they are called a #PsakiBomb.

Other than these snippets I see of her I don’t know anything about her and maybe I only see the good bits but those good bits really are very good. I like how she calmly listens to all questions and asks for clarifications of unclear questions even if they are wacko and you just know that they try her patience. She takes every question seriously, answers to the best of her ability and won’t give credence to wild theories and ‘secret reports’. It really feels like competency is back at the White House again. Yes, it is always necessary to remain critical and no one will ever be perfect but it still feels like with this new administration I can worry a little bit less.

11 thoughts on “Professional and competent

    1. Such a relief to not be constantly living in fear of what the US president does next… It’s a high-profile, tough job for sure!
      Yeah, glad about the kids being in the clear and not needing to worry about my husband (he has asthma) being infected. 🙂

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  1. Jen rocks!! I saw the secret memo one you detail here the other night ! She’s smart and clever and deadpan funny! 🤗
    Glad both your children tested negative and can resume sport activities both a relief and a welcome for them I’m sure ❤️

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    1. It sure is a relief, yes. 🙂
      It feels good to have someone briefing the press who at least tries to stick to the truth, such a breather from the bullshit that came from the previous administration’s press secretaries…

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  2. Servetus

    I’m glad the offspring are COVID-free!

    She’s great — she’s extermely experienced (cut her teeth in the Obama admin). It must have to help not to have to lie all the time, though. I always wondered how Sarah Huckabee Sanders could stand it.

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad about the offspring too. 🙂

      I’ve been wondering whether she just seems good in comparison to the previous admin’s press secretaries because she doesn’t have to lie or whether she really is good. I’m thinking both.

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  3. I completely disagree. Jen has a tough job so I don’t think it’s all on her, but if you think she’s being honest I would think you haven’t looked into the policies. The lie that Georgia’s voting laws are meant to keep people from voting is the biggest lie being promoted by the main stream media and the Biden administration. I would suggest reading the legislation if you have the time.


    1. Are you suggesting that just because I like Jen that I am ill-informed? Well, thank you very much *rolls eyes*. I do realize she speaks from a partisan position but it is also a position I tend to agree with and very much prefer to the previous administration’s positions which I felt were disastrous, not only for the US but for the world.

      Listen, I will never be an expert on US or Georgia voting laws but provisions that were made for the 2020 election are partially being turned back (e.g. far less drop boxes, making absentee voting more difficult) and things like standardized voting hours only being from 9-5, while not different from the previous ‘office hours’, that period is too short. Longer voting hours should be standardized, not optional. Here where I live, for instance, voting hours are standard from 7.30 am to 9 pm.

      I don’t think there will be much point in debating this with you and honestly, I don’t wish to because I have no interest going into all of this too deeply at this point in time as Georgia voting law is not my fight, I am not an American.

      If you’re a staunch Republican, you won’t find any politics to like here on my blog, so I suggest you go elsewhere instead of accusing me of ignorance just because I don’t agree with what you may think.

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      1. I didn’t mean to offend you, I like interacting with people that disagree with me. Although, in hindsight, I shouldn’t be surprised by your response. My point is that they’re lying to you. All administrations and press secretaries do. This one just happens to be telling the lies you want to hear. But, you’re right, if you don’t vote in my country, it’s irrelevant.


        1. I’ve never interacted with you before and I really do appreciate that you like to discuss these things (I too am interested in politics) but I do take offense when someone who doesn’t know me assumes I am ill-informed just because I feel that Jen Psaki is being truthful (and I really do believe that in essence she is being truthful). When you then say I am “believing lies that I want to hear” I yet again take offense as it suggests you think me some gullible idiot incapable of critical thought. I can’t seriously discuss any opinions if there is no basis of respect. So, maybe it’s time to move on. I will not be replying to your comments after this one.

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